A train of thought

Thinking of my countless train journeys, in my mind’s eye, I see a kaleidoscope of memories, of people I met and the places I saw, of the undeniable beauty that unfolded mile after mile, of the shouts and cacophony of railway stations and the silence of the nights, and the looking out of the windows… Continue reading A train of thought

Day 30 of Nablopomo

What happens when you commit to something? What happens when you follow it through with passion and conviction? What happens when you write every day? In short, what happens when you participate in Nablopomo, and reach the end and have a ‘I Did It’ post to write? A few things happen: Commitment itself is reward.… Continue reading Day 30 of Nablopomo

X.J.Kennedy: Master of comic verse

There is a verse of Kennedy that is lovely. It is indicative of the light humour that marks his writings. I read it twelve years ago and instantly fell in love with it. To Someone Who Insisted I Look Up Someone In three lines, it talks of travel, friends, pomposity. Brevity and humour marry! X.J.Kennedy… Continue reading X.J.Kennedy: Master of comic verse

Thank You All

Thank You. Big words. Sometimes, so oft repeated that they lose their meaning and relevance. But said at the right time (or even late) and with sincerity, they can warm someone’s heart… and a few months of winter. I am grateful to Daily Post for providing me this opportunity to express my appreciation to all… Continue reading Thank You All