There is a verse of Kennedy that is lovely. It is indicative of the light humour that marks his writings. I read it twelve years ago and instantly fell in love with it.

To Someone Who Insisted I Look Up Someone

In three lines, it talks of travel, friends, pomposity. Brevity and humour marry!

X.J.Kennedy ( b.1929), was born Joseph Kennedy but he prefixed X to his name so that he could not be confused with the political family of Kennedys.

X.J. (Joseph) Kennedy has published six collections of verse. He has also authored eighteen children’s books and several textbooks.

His 1961 collection Nude Descending a Staircase won the Lamont Award and in 2001, Kennedy was awarded the Aiken Taylor award for lifetime achievement in poetry. The list of rewards and recognitions runs long.

He and his wife put together an anthology of children’s poetry,’ Knock at a star: A child’s introduction to poetry’ which is next on my must buy list for my elder child. The only other nonsensical verses I have loved are those of Lewis Carroll.

To read more about him and his excellent work, click here.

You can visit his blog here.

This post has been lying as a draft for more than a month. Many times, I had an overwhelming urge to share it but could not include any verses due to copyright restrictions. Thanks to Daily Post ,I have been able to resurrect it.


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