Metanoia refers to a fundamental change in an individual’s life orientation. In psychology, it is considered a process of self healing and adaption. Metanoia comes from an ancient Greek word, which means “changing one’s mind”.

It is a journey and sometimes fraught with doubts but here are a few pointers to help us all move along towards where we want to be.

One, it is natural and normal to have doubts. We may or may not be able to find the answers we are looking for. There is no such thing as absolute truth. What is true for one individual or a particular circumstance may not be true for another. So, it is a vital skill to be able to live with doubts, searching for answers and be able to see what works for us.

Two, the catalyst for the big change in our lives is just that; a catalyst. We cannot go back to it again and again nor can we expect it to be the push for change every time. We need to know that there are many such people or places or things that can lead us to the transformation. The most important thing is an inner readiness.

Three, the biggest attitude change comes from the realization of being completely responsible for ourselves. It means we are the only ones who lead ourselves to our happiness, misery or contentment.

No matter what the change we embark upon, whether it be our hearts, minds, selves or the way we live our lives, change takes courage. What changes are you making in your life?

25 thoughts on “Metanoia

  1. Metanoia is a new word for me but the ideas you present here are good food for thought.

    Very well written. Thanks for sharing!

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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    1. I am glad you liked the post, Anand. It really is interesting to be introduced to new words and ideas and I look forward to your wordy nerdy Friday (could not capitalise the right letters though) 😉

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      1. Actually, I did not want to just compliment; I also wanted to make it Huge 😀
        Oh! That is what blabberwockying means?! I thought you liked all jabberwockys and one of them sent over its distant cousin and you were blessed with your muse…

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  2. I hadn’t heard this word earlier. Sounded like a fancy mashup of meta and paranoia.

    You’ve articulated the points very well. Reading the clues and working accordingly should definitely help a person in getting the change he/she wants.
    Very well-written!

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    1. This post came about from an understanding of intense, life altering change. It is a guide to those seeking answers even though I believe that the real answers are found not by questioning but in silence.

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