It has been a year since my first Collaborative book, Through the Mist was published. The book is a collection of five stories, in different genres and each story is written jointly by all the authors.

It has been an exciting journey so far, right from the visualisation of the concept to making the writing seamless and the actual publishing of the book.

I have been fortunate to have the backing of an excellent team who made this unique project a reality.

As is the case in independent publishing, our first readers have been family and friends. We got a very positive response and that was what made us want to promote the book to a wider audience.

Read the book reviews of Through the Mist here and here.

How is Through the Mist Different?

The book has five authors. In contrast to an anthology, the book has stories which are jointly written by all the authors. It means that each story has five seamless parts and each story has five authors. Remarkably, the stories are a wonderful experience. The tone and the voice of the narrative is consistent despite the fact that each story has been written by five authors who have drawn from their varied perspectives and experiences. The genre of the stories is mixed. They range from humour to horror to laugh riots.

Promoting the Book

The uniqueness of the book is Collaborative Writing. It is possible to have a high quality work emerge from diverse voices.

And yet, promoting the book beyond family, friends and acquaintances requires a special set of skills. I realised that to get an audience interested in a book, it helps to have a community or an eager readership. It also helps to have a social media presence. A personal blog contributes immensely in brand building.

And this is where Blogchatter Projects comes into the picture.

What is Blogchatter Projects?

Firstly, let me introduce Blogchatter to you. Blogchatter is a community of bloggers and social media enthusiasts looking to sync their blogging and promoting their writing through social media.

Blogchatter Projects is a way to champion the cause you are passionate about. For me, it has been a dream to see my book talked about, read extensively and discussed. It is not enough that a book be written. The next logical step is that the world knows about your book.

I am taking this opportunity of Blogchatter Projects to talk about Through the Mist and offer people a chance to read it. For the next one month, I am going to tease my potential readers and tempt them to pick the book.

Come Along On This Journey

I invite all my readers to come along on this fascinating journey of book promotion.

Look for more on the book on the blog.

Follow #CollaborativeWriting #ThroughTheMist and #BlogchatterProjects on Twitter for excerpts, reader feedback, links to reviews and much more.

You can find the Kindle edition of Through the Mist on Amazon.

Buy the Paperback from the Publisher’s Website.


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