I feel rested as I write about the book I just finished reading. More than reading, it is looking at the pictures, the rough strokes and the beauty of little figures and large.

The book title says who the book is about. There are 4 friends, the little boy who meets a mole who’s unabashedly loves cake! He even meditates on them. He’s tiny but as the boy tells him, he makes a huge difference! Mole is unassuming, with amazing wisdom. He’s the friend you want with you, as you look out at the ‘wild’ that life and world can be, frightening and yet beautiful.

The two find a fox who’s ensnared, angry and perhaps hurt deep down. In spite of a danger of the fox killing it, the mole chews through the wire, setting it free. The fox rarely speaks and the horse points out how fortunate they are to have him as a friend, the silent being who cherishes their company.

The horse is the largest creature they have ever seen and also the gentlest. The boy makes friends with him, riding with him. Wonder of wonders, the horse can fly. He has stopped because others were jealous of him but a little encouragement from his friends and he sprouts wings!

The 4 wander about, sitting on tree branches, at the edge of the wild or wandering about, savouring the beauty, ‘so much beauty to take care of’.

The book has little nuggets of wisdom, illustrations that touch your heart with their unpretentiousness and simplicity. Indeed thd puctures are islands where one can stop by, lookinb out at the sea of life and experiences.

As I read this short book, much celebrated, I was overcome by a feeling of gentlenes and kindness. That’s the essence of the book. It’s like getting a hug from a friend.

This month I am writing about books for #BlogchatterA2Z.


6 thoughts on “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy

    1. Thanks to your family, you read the book and wrote about it. That’s how I got to picking it!

      And thanks again for bringing Charlie Mackesy to my Twitter timeline 🙂


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