Title: The Adventures of the JP Family

Author: Radhika Acharya

Genre: Humour

The Adventures of the JP Family is a delightful collection of the mundane and routine events in an average middle class household, all with a humorous twist.

Book Blurb

26 witty and humorous short stories, running through the Alphabets from a to Z.

Get ready to be entertained and amused with this hilarious account of the ordinary everyday lives of The JP Family – the affable JayPrakash Uncle, the formidable but kindly Aunt and their two young sons – Raju and Raghu.

About the Author

Radhika Sharma Acharya was born in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh; brought up in Panaji, Goa; married in Mumbai, Maharashtra and is at present living in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She has been writing since her college days and has won prizes in writing contests. She has also written short humorous articles for the Navhind Times in Goa and for Khaleej Times Dubai.


The book is about the lives of Jayaprakash Uncle or JP, his wife, referred to as the Aunt and their two sons, Raju and Raghu. It is a typical middle class family, honest, down-to-earth, amicable.

The stories are developed from the ordinary events of any household and told with endearing wit and humour.

I liked Bisi Bele Baath for the flowery description and the word play. Do You Know is fun and I could completely relate to the harangue about the slipping standards of ‘modern-day’ songs. The French Connection made me giggle at the fiasco with a kitchen gadget. Bad Hair Days is superbly written and the humour in a very normal situation is brought out subtly. Keeping up with the Kanherias is likely to strike a chord with every reader. A thumbs-up to Leave it to Me for making me laugh at the rendition of what I have seen happening so many times in so many households. Time Flies at the JP House and Vegetable Cutter and the Aunt had me in splits.

What works well

First off, the characters are lovable. Uncle JP is an honest, God-fearing man, caring towards his family. His attempts to help (with the French mixer) and his intentions to help around the house (the lightbulb that never gets changed) makes him popular with the readers.

The Aunt is the femme fatale of the book, loving, caring, cooking (let’s not ask the family how good it is), pushing the entire household into activities that somehow end in misadventures and laughs.

The boys, Raju and Raghu look-on, egg-on and are part of the drama that unfolds every other day.

The situations in the book are the mundane and the light hearted which makes it a very feel-good book.

The only thing I wished for was that there be more of the family’s adventures in the book.


A feel-good family saga that elicits quite a few chuckles and leaves you with a smile. Go with it if you enjoy lighthearted wit and affable characters.

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3 thoughts on “The Adventures of the JP Family by Radhika Acharya: Book Review

  1. Sona. I am humbled and honoured with this review of my debut book. You have read each character and situation in the book as they are and as I meant them to be!!
    This is a review I totally value and cherish! Thank you so much! 😍😊

    Liked by 1 person

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