When I started blogging, I would always write my blog posts first on paper and then type them out. Labour intensive yes, but I just could not seem to think well while typing. My ideas flowed better with a pencil in hand and the scratching sound on paper reassured me that something was happening. I was making progress.

Then came modernity. I wanted to be able to type long documents, not the office communication or the reports kinds but the imaginative ones. The ones that had stories or articles or posts. So I moved from the paper to the screen. Soon, I was doing very well for someone who could only write on paper. Thus started my journey into the world of typing on keyboards and keypads. Soon, even the grocery lists on paper were replaced by the ones on my phone. It was just easier and convenient.

But over the years, I found that I was in need of inspiration a lot of times and I was just getting very tired of looking at screens. One day, while going through my things I came across my journals that I have filled with my scrawny writing over the years. And the itch to write on paper started again.

I like things to be organised and my writing too and of course, I love making lists. That was the perfect recipe for falling for a BuJo. For the uninitiated (I don’t think there are any), a BuJo is a Bullet Journal, which is a simple and innovative journal designed to keep everything in place, aka the notes, the tasks, your progress. It helps keep you on top in terms of assignments, to-dos, the social calender etc. For me, it also meant not letting go of those creative ideas and the little moments in a day that I could write about.

BuJos beckon the artistic and the organised. It is like a person’s mind, on the page. I had always wanted a journal that would carry Everything that I had ever wanted to write and that had ever crossed my mind. There were the lists, the random things that struck me through the day, the useful resources that I discover, the facts that I uncover from long time mysteries. There is the progress on my daily, weekly and monthly goals. There are the new ideas that just cannot go cold. There are opportunities and there is potential waiting to be tapped and I have to write it all down. And yes, there are my emotions and blog post ideas and things I must share with my group of friends.

I tried creating a very beautiful looking, artsy Bullet Journal. But the entire planning process took days. It was more of a balancing act, writing what, where and at the same time to not let it descend into chaos and an overwritten page.

I know that half the world is crazy about BuJos and the other half is just the ignorant lot. But, somehow, the planning took away the spontaneity.

I got back to the ordinary notebook, grateful for the simplicity. I now carry a bunch of them around with me; colour coded into sections so that I can find what I want without the option for a digital search. My pencils are right next to them and I am happy with the scratch of the pencil on paper.

How much do you write by hand? Do you have a journal? Do you do a BuJo? What have your experiences been?

14 thoughts on “To BuJo and Back

  1. Count me in as the half of the world who never heard of BuJos, so thanks for filling me in! I’m definitely in the camp of people who appreciate *not* having to use paper anymore — my handwriting is so bad that I feel I would “soil” any journal it came into contact with. But then I see my blogger friends with their beautiful journals and inspirational notes…. Well, to each their own. I just came back from a writers conference, and I took all my notes by hand in a spiral notebook, and now I have to transfer all the “to do’s” into my computer. Which is fun, because I get to re-read the notes again and relive the experience, and maybe get even more ideas and inspiration. And frustrating, because I have to decipher my terrible writing!

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    1. I can definitely relate with the terrible handwriting part. Most of the times, I find it difficult to read what I have written in a flow or in a hurry. But, there is something about forming those letters that forces the mind to work harder. That’s my view point and I know that many people would differ.

      A writer’s conference sounds wonderful. Was it a retreat kind of thing? Or sharing tips about the writing process?

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      1. More like the latter. The conference featured presentations and workshops on topics such as story structure, character motivation, editing, and publishing; read & critique sessions; a Q&A panel presentation from agents; and talks from invited author speakers. Plus lots of opportunities for networking and sharing stories & support with other writers, both starting out and published. This is my fourth one with this group and it is SO supportive and energizing and inspiring. I would definitely recommend looking into what you might be able to find locally.

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      2. Amazing!!

        Support and feedback is crucial for writers, considering it is a lone thing- the writing.

        I haven’t done any conferences ever. And yes, I’ll try to find a writer support group that I can be part of.

        Thanks so much!

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  2. I used to journal all the time, but now everything is done more on computer for the same reason Joy gave, my handwriting has gotten worse. It was never that great to begin with. There is still something to be said for writing on paper, I know what you mean and do still do it at times. I do need to remember to carry notebooks around with me for I always seem to have ideas when I am out and about and nothing to write on.

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    1. Oh your ideas and the plethora of them! Yes, your mind really is full of things and I am sure they occur to you at all times of the day and night!

      I envy you your comfort with the computer and the typing. I can type a lot when I put my mind to it or when I am stuck with only my smartphone on a commute but paper and pen are still invaluable.

      My own handwriting is terrible, btw 😀


      1. Oh you are sweet! My plethora of ideas is running dry today as I try to think of a post . 🙂
        What I do like about pen and paper is you don’t accidentally erase something as compared to accidentally hitting the delete button!

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      2. You are such a regular blogger that I am always inspired by you. For today’s post, write something on writing with a pen, the last time when it was very good…

        Ha ha ha. I just love that reason of things not getting deleted on paper. Yeah, I don’t even use an eraser. I just cross things out 🙂

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      3. Thanks so much, so glad that I can inspire you. I do enjoy your posts as well!!
        Hmmm… writing with a pen, I will think about that. 🙂
        Yes, exactly when I write its more with a pen as well, so yup just cross it out.

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  3. I absolutely love my BuJo and use it for dailies, writing prompts, etc. I feel I can be more creative (and colorful) writing by hand, especially if I am expressing a complex idea or just doodling. I am definitely part of the half of the world that is crazy about BuJos – color coding and all 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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  4. I saw a bullet journal at a bookstore a couple of days ago, and found it very interesting, but didn’t get one for myself. I do keep a journal–an ordinary notebook–and so far it’s been getting the job done anyway. Maybe when its pages are filled, I’ll get a BuJo next to just try out the experience. Thanks for sharing about this! 🙂

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