I could do without

In the future, I could do without a lot of things that I currently own. My material possessions are bearing down on me. Everywhere I look I see ‘things’, that have little or no relevance to my life today. Sure, once they were cherished, scouted for in supermarkets or the vibrant Sunday bazaars, bought lovingly… Continue reading I could do without

Shoma loses a tooth

                                             Shoma, the fattest sheep that farmer Bholu had ever reared, waddled out of her pen with a frown on her face. Of course, Bholu could not notice the frown but Shoma’s mother, the mighty ewe did. She hustled Shoma off to the fields to let her graze, watching after her thoughtfully. Shoma walked… Continue reading Shoma loses a tooth

How to say Goodbye in 5 ways; in 30 days

Bidding farewell is always hard, unless you are longing to move on from your present circumstances. Usually, the pull of ‘status quo’ is too strong and all we wish is to stay where we are, with people we are used to and with our routines that we have stuck to. It has happened to me… Continue reading How to say Goodbye in 5 ways; in 30 days