Triumph! Climbing the Staircase

Triumph for my three year old son meant climbing this spiral staircase in his playschool on his own. The first time he did it, his beaming look said it all.

Treasure-Matryoshka Doll

Matryoshka Dolls

A Matryoshka doll is a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other.

This doll of mine stays in a satin pouch most of the time, so treasured it is. It was a gift from my Russian teacher and it reminds me of the good times, when I was learning Russian, of the great friends I had and the idealism of the youth.

After the fall of the USSR, all things Russian were neglected in India, where before, even learning the language was encouraged. Now, with all funding of the institute I was studying at gone (Dr A V Baliga Institute of Russian Studies, Bhopal, India), a band of young students and professionals tried to do everything to save the language.

The doll signifies courage and persistence to me of those handful of people.



This is a landscape I love, for I gaze at it many times during the day. I take my morning coffee overlooking this scene, read the paper, looking up to drink in the scene and simply spend a few moments with nature.


A swarm of schoolchildren

Here is a swarm of schoolchildren coming out from school, discussing the exam they had just taken.

I took many pictures and in some the crowd was considerably larger to qualify as a swarm but the background was better in this one.

Assignment for Photography 101: Swarm

A pop of colour


The red wisps are pieces of fabric, stuck in the jagged edges of a newly cut bush. The full blown bush stood at the side of the public stairs, cut out of rock and used by the locals as a quicker route to our neighborhood.


Dusk in the hills

This is what I see everyday from my balcony. The hills are bathed in bright sunlight during the day. At dusk, however, the vista looks very different. I captured this picture when the sun had just disappeared behind the hills.

I feel warm, happy, content for I feel the hills are mine, now and forever.


The beverages we prefer

We connect with the people we love over the beverages we prefer. Some drink coffee, others tea. Sitting together and drinking helps us feel comfortable- we talk, share and bond.



Solitude holds very positive connotations for me. It is not loneliness, but time spent with myself. I think, contemplate, read.

Reading is a passion with me and I indulge in my me-time whenever I can. I read anything and everything. Even the newspaper that is used to pack my groceries is read with utmost interest.

Here is a section of my bookshelf as an interpretation of the theme Solitude.