The Code of the Woosters by P.G. Wodehouse

Ten questions I had when I read the book:

1. How bumbling, thick-headed can you get? It seems plenty, when you are a Wooster.

2. As an adult, can you be scared of your aunt(s)? Yes definitely, when they are as ferocious as Aunt Dahlia (don’t go by the gentle name).

3. Can your incompetence and general inability to understand the world be balanced ever? Of course, if you have a valent par excellence, ‘The Inimitable Jeeves’.

4. Can you have weirdly named friends who act even weirder, also having a super sentimental fiancée? Gussie Fink-Nottle firs the bill.

5. Why does a cow-creamer hold milk during an elaborate English tea? Conversely, how do you feel about putting cream in your tea or even coffee? Ugh? That’s why Bertie was assigned the task of ‘sneering’ at a cow-creamer to bring down its price sneakily. The things aunts asign us!

6. Do people seal helmets from constables merely to impress others? Yes, apparently it’s a thing.

7. Do valets and Butlers keep a record of their employers’ foibles? You bet they do. It’s called a club book. One needs courage to read honest appraisals of oneself from one’s supposedly devoted employee and confidante.

8. Imposters, cross connections, petty thievery, lying and unable to tell the girl that he cannot marry her because chivalry forbids it, how much more confusing and funnier could it get?

9. Can one do a satirical parody of those in power and get away without censorship? Yes in the last century, sometimes you could if you were clever enough to disguise people well.

10. Can a book published nearly a 100 years ago (published in 1938) still capture a reader’s interest? Of course, it’s considered one of P.G. Wodehouse’s best books to date.

If you have read this book or any other by P.G. Wodehouse, do you have any questions regarding the plots, themes and style?

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Friday Listicles : Top 6 Literary Fixes

Being a voracious reader, I like to read book after book, with scarce a pause in between. I can be reading up to three different books at a time. When I am full of one, or overwhelmed with the thought thread in another, I only have to turn to yet another. Good books nourish the soul.  But there are times when I need some mindless reading, or something that is not too much effort but is good reading. I call such reads my literary fixes as they fill the gap in my reading and they are light and pleasant.

Here are my Top 6 Literary Fixes :

1. Re reading Classics

Classics are considered ‘heavy stuff’, with archaic language and difficult to follow plot line. Yet, there is nothing more comforting for me to turn to the familiar characters I have grown up with (I started reading classics at a very young age and had read many of them by the time I finished school) and relive their lives, struggles and emotions. I go down the familiar lanes, see the landscapes once again and wander the mansions. It is something I cannot do in real life, for people and places change every time I blink.

2. Western Novels

The wild, wild west attracts me like nothing else and because the uncertain, danger ridden, pistol toting, knife wielding characters always live on the edge, it is a perfect antidote to my staid lifestyle. Any time, I pick up a Louis L’Amour book and follow the protagonist across the deserts or on mountain trails, I come back rejuvenated.

3. Travel Literature

The Lonely Planet magazines are my best friend. They are always perched on my shelf just within reach. I pore over the articles and the magnificent photographs and sigh and dream. Well, some day….

4. Romance

The girl is lovely, simple, sincere and the guy is rich, arrogant and seemingly too good for her. Yet, ‘feelings’ develop and they inch towards a commitment. The key words are ‘simple’, ‘feelings’ and ‘inch’. These are the features of the romance novels I like. Yes, Barbara Cartland, Georgette Heyer…. They are old world and so am I. But, sometimes, books like Twilight seem too interesting and… delicious!

5. Humour 

P G Wodehouse would take the credit anyday for cheering me up. There have been train journeys, when I caught up on my reading of the pile of Wodehouses I owned, laughing uncontrollably all by myself and attracting queer glances from my co passengers. There is just something about the humour that is slapstick and yet delivered in the most understated manner. 

6. Good Housekeeping

This is the last but definitely not the least. Any time, I am fed up of the chores, the endless running about, the loooong list of things to be accomplished, I plonk down in a comfortable chair and check out the online version of Good Housekeeping magazine. The pristine houses and beauty of living spaces makes me forget my own shabby surroundings, badly in need of dusting. In my mind, I am repainting the kitchen cabinets a gorgeous red and getting the perfect floral centerpiece.

I would love to hear from you, my dear readers, about your literary fixes.