Park Bench 

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Those tiny flowers

Those tiny flowers peeping through the wooden slats of the gate remind me of ragworts and Anne Stevenson’s beautiful poem… 


They won’t let railways alone, those yellow flowers. 

They are that remorseless joy of deteliction

darkest banks exhale like vivid breath 

as bricks divide to let them root between. 

How every falling place concots their smile, 

taking what’s left and making a song of it. 

Anne Stevenson (b. 1933)

Posted for the Mundane Monday Challenge

Lighting Up


The sometimes-ignominious lamp post… As the advertising guru David Ogilvy put it…”People use statistics as a drunk uses a lamp post – for support rather than illumination.”
I checked out the statistics for this lamp post illumination… it was out of order 46 times out of 100!

Posted for the Mundane Monday Challenge.