Flowered Bytes by Anand Narayanswamy: Book Review

Title: Flowered Bytes Author: Anand Narayanswamy Genre: Non-fiction, Memoir Flowered Bytes by Anand Narayanswamy is a collection of musings, memories and viewpoints threaded together by the author’s unique perspective and experiences. Book Blurb Flowered Bytes is all about stories, which captures your mind. The book is not a big novel with lengthy pages but it… Continue reading Flowered Bytes by Anand Narayanswamy: Book Review

Confessions of a Memoir Writer

Confessions, you say? From a memoir writer? Isn’t writing a memoir actually a confession of how things happened… to you or observed by you? Writing a memoir is like diving deep into your psyche, examining your perception of events and people from a relatively safe distance, because of the passage of time. A memoir is… Continue reading Confessions of a Memoir Writer