The Contemplation of a Joker by Manas Mukul: Book Review

Title: The Contemplation of a Joker

Author: Manas Mukul

Genre: Short Stories

The Contemplation of a Joker is a collection of 12 tales, with the overarching theme of love and loss. It touches on the various facets in relationships, about the coming together and the moving apart.


The book starts off well with ‘Made for Each Other‘, a story that spans an entire lifetime. There is a deep pathos in love. I could also relate very well to the cultural background of this one and it stayed my favourite through the reading.

Most precious gift of God‘ is a lovely little tale of sibling love. There are others that are impressive, ‘Somebody that I Used to Know, ‘The Shortest Story of my Life‘ and ‘The Absence of her Fragrance‘, among others.

There are stories which have more rounded characters, ‘The First 100 kisses‘ and ‘With Love, from Russia‘.

The writing style of the book is very good. The language is easy to understand; it is colloquial and contemporary which gives the book a kind of lightness and relatability.

Most characters are drawn well, are likeable and the reader can root for them.

The stories are written with a lot of passion and emotion. There is much detail which draws the reader in.

However, I found a sameness in the theme, throughout the book. Also, the stories seem like the retelling of incidents. In many places, they feel half finished, with either the beginning or the middle missing.

The cover art is good, colourful, drawing the reader’s attention and the style elements put it into sync with the title. But the book fails to come up to the explanation of the word ‘Joker’ in the title.

About the Author

Mukul always liked stories but he loves telling them even more. He believes things are better said than kept behind curtains; that emotions are meaningful with expressions, and
so are thoughts which are of no use till they have words to support them.

You can connect with him on his blog-The Contemplation of a Joker.

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Love stories with a twist. For the ones who have loved deeply and the ones who dream of a deep love.

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Lost and Found

“Your absence has gone through me
Like thread through a needle,
Everything I do is stitched with its colour.”

I lose, every few years. I live a life which means moving from one place to another very frequently. This is how it was when I was a child and this is how it is now.

I move to a geographical location and the first few days are full of newness and excitement. This is one thing I would not trade for another. In a few months, life becomes predictable and I settle into routines. Yet, the exploration and the feeling of thankfulness continues. In no place did I feel boredom or a lack of opportunities. I believe you make your own life. I believe that you are the master of your destiny and when you want to accomplish something, new paths appear. So, I love and live.

When it is time to move on, it is like moving with my roots. I have to take everything with me, my memories and my influences and places shape me into the person I become. My life is divided into slices by the places I have lived in. Still, I am rich.

“Anything you lose comes around in another form”