Listicle Love

I have been a list lover since childhood. Bulleted points on a sheet of paper, referred to often and then items ticked off. Mmm…

Seriously, making a list is an art form, although there are many, rather most, who disagree. The paper needs to be perfect. A broad notebook sheet wouldn’t do. Lists have words and at the most phrases, so the sheet needs to be narrow and long. Long lists with many, many items are more satisfying than short ones. A long list means everything has been included; not a wisp of thought escaped.

A list kept in a prominent place reminds the creator of the things that would have been otherwise been lost in the murky depths of the fickle mind. Hence, the list records and the list reminds.

There can be no greater satisfaction than items ticked off. The sense of completion is amazing.

My love for lists has been around a long time and with the proliferation of listicles in the media, it has only grown. Now there are mouth watering lists as articles; you can go on and on. The top ten have been replaced by top 100, top 200 and even random numbers like 123 or 39! Writing a listicle is considered the new literary form! (One I intend to indulge in).

There are so many listicles I want to write, ‘the best of’, ‘the worst of’, ‘ten most helpful’, ‘most exciting’…etc. etc. One post would not be able to do justice, so I need to write a bunch of them. I must not post them consecutively, for that would be one of the ‘top ten mistakes you are making writing a blog post’..

So, here is the announcement for Friday Listicles, the feel-good listicle forum. I invite all my blogger friends to write in, the ‘top ten listicles’ they have liked. Let the party be on, every Friday!

As a closing note, here are ‘8 reasons I love listicles’

1. They are quick to read and write.
2. They provide the perfect snapshot.
3. They are snappy.
4. They are less intimidating.
5. They fulfil the need for bulleted points.
6. The items can be checked off.
7. They are quick (umm.. did I say that before?)
8. They provide instant gratification.