How to Get Back to Writing after a Break

Writing may be your passion but sometimes life or other commitments come in the way and writing drops off your radar. If you don’t write for a living then it is even harder to get back to it. It seems like writing is something you do for fulfilment and as a creative pursuit and heck,… Continue reading How to Get Back to Writing after a Break

Writer’s Block

“Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all” Charles Bukowski I am a writer, though not the highly revered published author, but one that writes nevertheless. I like writing because I love to, because it is a form of self expression and because I feel that every person has a right… Continue reading Writer’s Block

Free Writing for Writing 101

I celebrate the three songs I love the most… The first one definitely would be ‘Yoon hi chala chal raahi’ in Hindi from the film Swades’. It reflects the moods of my days. From the time when the seconds and minutes felt heavy to an unbearable lightness of being, the journey has been long but… Continue reading Free Writing for Writing 101