Rule of Thirds


Rather than this being a wonderful photo post in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge on the WordPress, it is a rumination on how we take the things we love for granted.

I tried to click a great picture with the subject off center and a beautiful bokeh but I failed miserably. Instead I clicked away with what I thought looked captivating. So, after an entire day of taking unaesthetic pictures, I tried to relax in my favourite spot in the house. Or rather outside. In the balcony.

It overlooks some hills and a verdant valley. I usually enjoy the morning sun shining on the tops of trees in the distance. I look at the skies to gauge the day. Brilliant blue on good days and gray on the rainy days. Yet, I keep waiting for the first glint on a tin roof for proof of a sunny day. All day, when I am home, I periodically look out of my window to see the sun advancing, illuminating its path, then overhead in its full glory, making the cedar forest off to the left inviting and later in the afternoon the dance of the shadows.

Everyday objects, the houses, the cottages, the tree stumps, the bushes are brought to life and I admire it all.

Does the beauty lose its charm after a while? It does. It is human nature to take beauty for granted. And good fortune. And our blessings. I am aware of this and periodically I remind myself to stop, shut down the internal chatter and ‘just be’ in nature’s lap. And at the same time, renew my thoughts, emotions so that I can enjoy the bounty of God with a renewed feeling of peace and gratitude.


Serenity in the lap of nature

This little cluster of houses is in a remote region of the hills I live in. I had to trek on precarious slopes (no trails) to reach the house of a local godman.Running water? From the stream. Food and groceries? Cultivated from the land. Milk? From the domestic goats. TV? What is that? Cell phones? Yes, why not? After all, India is in the thralls of a telecom revolution.

Posted in response to Weekly Photo Challenge.



This is a landscape I love, for I gaze at it many times during the day. I take my morning coffee overlooking this scene, read the paper, looking up to drink in the scene and simply spend a few moments with nature.


Dusk in the hills

This is what I see everyday from my balcony. The hills are bathed in bright sunlight during the day. At dusk, however, the vista looks very different. I captured this picture when the sun had just disappeared behind the hills.

I feel warm, happy, content for I feel the hills are mine, now and forever.

Home in the Hills


Home in the Hills

Home is where the heart is… and my heart is in the hills. Verdant, undulating, serene.

This picture is taken by my ‘Man Friday’ tablet. The camera does not compare to any state of the art one, but this camera is handy, reliable and mine and I love it back the way it loves me.