Following my Bliss

I am done with my blogging break. Following my bliss (the phrase courtesy the mythologist, Joseph Campbell) these days and yet I have a niggling doubt that I need to reach out to my blogging friends who have made this journey worthwhile so far. In the days I was inactive and mooning about and looking at things from every perspective known to man and telling myself that they all are right, I also ignored a lot of my friends. They come in different categories. Because wisdom and another man’s (this one seems to have come from a woman) perspective says that one must have lots of social circles. Social circles pertaining to work, hobby clubs, sports activities, school friends, community/neighbours. This is because if something goes wrong in one area of your life, you can fall back upon other social circles. And believe me, things do go wrong and very frequently.

Anyway, my newest social circle was the blogging group. And when my blog fell by the wayside, the friends got pushed to the periphery of my consciousness even though I got reminder after reminder of them through blogging channels.

Thank you Aadhirai for nominating me for the Silly Rambleee challenge. I was pleased but I acted like the perfect ostrich, burying my head in the muck of my life. Every time I looked up, I saw your notification and went right back to the sand. Next time, I might want to dig a deeper hole! Thank you so much, Wandering Story Teller for an unofficial nomination to talk about my loves and dislikes. There are so many things I love and I did a short list here and I could have just pulled it out again but I wanted to do a blazing post like yours and go out in glory but that couldn’t be done and I sat around looking for inspiration. Umber nominated me for a lovely Five Days, Five Stories Challenge. I thought it over a lot and wanted to squeeze my entire life’s philosophy into those five stories. I deliberated and started but you were not around to cheer me on. Where are you now? Joyroses and Ameena did such wonderful posts on beauty and I was tempted to follow along and I put in a lot of poetry into it but I chickened out in posting it. Priceless Joy has a jolly weekly Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers and as I did aspire to be a writer, I faithfully sent in my contribution till I….. yes you guessed it right…I stopped. She did wonder why I did not find it addictive enough. Well, I am tempted to say, here I come. Photrablogger has a path breaking Mundane Monday challenge where everything is deemed beautiful and it enticed me to start taking loads and loads of photographs of anything and everything. I did stop posting after a few times, though. Thanks to your support and endlessly asking about my writing, I was finally contrite enough to start writing again on my blog.

Flush from the thankfulness, I would like to insert a line mentioning how my blog has started the second year of its existence. I should probably be doing a full fledged post on this, as is the norm, thanking even more friends but I would like to keep it a quiet party.

And just so that my quiet party does not get much attention, I am trying to sandwich it in between thanks for other readers who would check back periodically just to see if I had published anything. Thank you to Ordinary Handsome and Singh Circle for appreciating every little thing I wrote or every experimental photo I posted. Whenever Jill visits me, my stats go boom. Thanks for reading everything, even long forgotten posts. Yes, I could not get away from my stats page. I am waiting for things to get normal here again and I look forward to reading all my favourite bloggers who evoke a range of emotions in me, ah, making me laugh and cry and everything in between. I am still waiting for my poem, Elisabeth.

And lastly, (because saying lastly again is the done thing in case of speech kind of post) I remember all my non blogger friends who take time out to read me regularly, after asking me numerous times about my posts on Instant Messaging.

Dear Me

For my Writing 101 assignment, I picked up my daughter’s book-“The Nancy Drew Notebooks” by Carolyn Keene. The word “Post Office” grabbed me by the throat on page 29. I used my memories associated with it to write a letter to myself.

Dear Me,

I do not mean this as an expression as in “Dear Me! I simply forgot the pie in the oven!” but as a term of endearment for my much younger self.
As I look down the memory lane, I feel in awe of myself, of the things I did and the friends I made. So, let me take a breath and start again. “Dear Kitty..”. Oh? I slipped up! But, this phrase has been in my subconscious ever since I turned 14. That was when I read “The Diary of Anne Frank”. She wrote it cooped up in an attic, hiding from the Nazis, when she was 14. I read it when I was 14, amongst writing, to others. I was struck by how she personified her diary, addressing it by the name Kitty. She started each new entry with “Dear Kitty”.

So, instead of Dear Me or Dear Kitty, let it be Dear Sona. I start again (and here I seem to find my voice).

Dear Sona,

I read about a post office today and so many memories came flooding in. Of stamps, writing paper, envelopes and letter boxes.

I remember you being a prolific letter writer. I remember how you chose stamps first. And then the writing paper. Wherever you went, you scouted the area for good stationery shops and went to look for fancy writing paper. There was a time when you had a particular love for rice paper and you bought so many of them in Goa and Nepal.

All that done, you would sit down to cover the sheets with small, spidery words evenly spaced. You would scrawl on, sheet after sheet.

A new place, a new house, and you would go in search of letter boxes nearest to you, so that your lifeline could be kept alive.

The visit of the post man would be a joyous affair and the sight of letters and cards strewing the driveway sent you into ecstasy.

You wrote to everybody you knew. Friends, cousins, aunts and uncles. Letters to the editor of the newspaper, letters to the magazines, letters to pen-pals. The most important thing in your life was the blue inland letter and covering every inch of that was considered a feat.

There were many people you meant to write to always because you could not bear to be separated from them, so that you could always be in their lives, even when distance separated you. You pledged to be best friends forever.

Today, I just want to say a few words about this. I want to tell you to keep writing. Keep the communication open. Keep your friends close. Your friends know all bits of you. They would stand by you. They would guide you in times of doubt. They would be your pillars of strength when time wears you down. Keep them close, hold them tight.

If you neglect them now, you would feel lonely and weighed down by guilt for deserting them, for not expressing gratitude and for not being around for them when they needed you.

Lots of love to you. Stay in touch.