Small Stones (7)- Flower 

​tiny droplets on scarlet petals 

an ant crawling by 

dew drops tremble in the breeze 

the rustle of the leaves 

like whispers 

What are small stones?

A small stone is a short piece of writing (any style) that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment for you. The process of discovering small stones is as significant as the finished creation. Searching for small stones encourages you to keep your senses on the “alive and alert” status. Involve yourself with a new set of eyes, ears, nose, mouth, fingers, feelings and mind. This is Mindful Writing at its best. 

Those tiny flowers

Those tiny flowers peeping through the wooden slats of the gate remind me of ragworts and Anne Stevenson’s beautiful poem… 


They won’t let railways alone, those yellow flowers. 

They are that remorseless joy of deteliction

darkest banks exhale like vivid breath 

as bricks divide to let them root between. 

How every falling place concots their smile, 

taking what’s left and making a song of it. 

Anne Stevenson (b. 1933)

Posted for the Mundane Monday Challenge


Five Photos, Five Stories-Day One

A big thank you to Umber for inviting me to share my stories and pictures.


As spring gives way to summer the signs are everywhere. Each day, I walk down the lanes in my neighbourhood and I see flowers blooming everywhere; on bushes, in pots, on trees, over gates and along driveways in the houses, tumbling over walls and railings. It is warm, the breeze is relaxing and a feeling of well-being hangs in the air. I click away with my phone, capturing the fleeting beauty of the flowers as they would be gone before a fortnight. A carpet of fallen purple flowers beckons and I think back to the many summers we have collected these flowers- my daughter and I, for them to be made into garlands or put in our hair.

In a month or so, the flowers would go; and as the rains arrive they would be covered by lush green foliage. The myriad colours would give way to many soothing shades of green. That too I shall celebrate. And, God willing, many such summers would come.

Yet, I am aware of the ephemeral nature of beauty, of time, of life. Is time ephemeral? Times are. Years fly by. We cross many paths, meet many people, live through times that make great memories. And then we pass on. I pray that the now is good enough to last in my memories and that I have no regrets. I mean to carry the fragrance of these flowers with me a long time to come.

The Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge rules require you to post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or nonfiction, a poem or simply a short paragraph-its entirely up to you.

Then each day, invite another blogger to carry on the challenge.

Today I am inviting Joyroses from Nuggets of Gold to carry on this challenge. You are free to accept or decline.