Reasons I blog

I love to write.
I want to write for an audience to build my confidence and discipline.
I want to learn to navigate the blogosphere.
I want to learn to create a website and the mechanics of an online presence.
I stay sane by expressing myself.
Writing for my blog is my ‘me’ time and creative effort rolled into one.
I feel productive.
I feel appreciated when all those likes and comments roll in.
I feel motivated to improve when I see better writing.
I get to read the most amazing blogs with very different viewpoints from very far flung places even, not to mention the super talented people behind these blogs.
I feel I have a lot of friends online.
My online successes spur me on to higher dreams. ‘If I could do this, I sure can accomplish more’.

My blog, in other words, is my sanctuary.

I would love to hear from all of you, my dear blogger friends, the reasons you blog.

Followers, followers everywhere…

Just a few days back, it seems (maybe a month and a half), I was jubilant at getting followers. I promised my friend a huge party when I got 10 followers.

I started my blog because I wanted to write; because I wanted to share. Sure, once you start, you find what things you are good at and what things are better left unwritten (for now). So, I had started because I wanted to write lots and lots of book reviews (only a very very few got done). And also because writing, just writing gives me an unparalleled level of pleasure (there, I have put in this lofty sounding phrase).

As WordPress says, most of us begin blogging just for the love of it. Getting followers is like icing on the cake. It is a different kind of high when we realize we have people who read us regularly. A question nags at the back of my mind.. Do they really? Do our followers really read us that regularly? Many of them really do care. They not only encourage us but also act as radars for our writing, directing us towards better pastures.

Others, I am not so sure of. I think some follow because they want you to follow them back. There is no word from them, either at the beginning or ever after that. Plain silence. Many want us to check them out; for they are sure they have a product or a service that can help us.

I am quite clear about the different categories of followers. All are welcome and I am grateful to every one of them for even stopping by and taking a look. Even if just once.

The only real surprise I got the other day was when I saw the name of my latest follower. Plutonium Spray Paint!! Now, how on earth… what did they think? I hope dear Spray Paint likes all the photo assignments I am doing for Photography 101.

Waiting for other inanimate things to follow me now. BMWs are welcome!

The Power of 21

Today is Day 21, counting from the day I published my first post on this blog. No, I have not hit the Publish button these many times but I feel like a true blue blogger now. I can write, I can publish, I can play around with formats, I can make widgets work for me(OK, I still have problems with the drag-and-drop bit), I know a thing or two about the layouts, I can reach out to others in the blogosphere…

From not knowing the first thing about blogging almost a month and a half back to reaching a moderate level of proficiency feels like an achievement. I am not zero-to-hero(or heroine) yet, but I am getting there.

There is something interesting I learnt about repetition many years ago. It is not difficult to start and inculcate a new or positive thing in your life. Admittedly, the beginning may be a bit challenging, but if you want to incorporate a particular behaviour in your life, then repeat the activity for at least 21 days in a row.

Author and Motivational guru, Robin Sharma calls it the Magic Rule of 21 in his book, “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari”. For new behaviour to crystallise into a habit, you have to perform the new activity everyday at the same time for 21 days in a row, he says. This is the time it takes to create a new neural pathway in the brain. At the end of this time, it becomes part of your routine.

I can vouch for the effectiveness of this rule. And now that I am a blogger, let me work on the other things in my life like umm.. getting fitter, eating healthier, decluttering my life. For 21 days I need to be consistent and vigilant and then, it is in the bag!

Have you ever tried changing something in your life for the better? What was your strategy?