What’s it about coffee and writers? The two seem inseparable, atleast that’s what popular media would have us believe.

I have always liked coffee more than any other beverage but never made the connection with writing. When I saw that being overly dependant on coffee to get your creative juices flowing was the in thing, I played along.

I also played along with the idea that we cannot function well without that first strong cup in the morning, or that we cannot have a great conversation till we are sipping something. Honestly, we humans are really obsessed with eating and drinking, so much so that no life pursuit remains untouched by them. I know it’s a primitive need, the nourishment and the having enough food to sustain us but I like to wonder, what would I do now this moment, if I were not eating.

But I digress. This post is about coffee and I do like to sample different brews. However, instead of becoming a true blue coffee connoisseur, I am just struck by the futility of it all. I sometimes, many times, use a tea strainer to drain out the ‘coarsely ground specialised arabica beans, dark roasted to perfection’ instead of using the French Press. I have a hack that involves steeping some filter coffee in hot water in a pan and pouring it carefully. I don’t look down upon instant coffee; they are a wonderful convenience, in fact the single-serve pouches ensure I get the same taste and strength every time. I don’t dislike the pre mixes even where all you need to do is empty the pouch in your cup and add hot water.

I am yet to appreciate the undertones, the roast, the oils, flavour or character of brewing. But I would rather not pretend and say I like this brew or that. Coffee is coffee, simply that.

And oh, I can equally write with a tall glass of mint flavoured iced water.

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14 thoughts on “Caffeinated and Writing

  1. I love coffee- on its own (as in not being connected to my writing)

    Well, my main WIP- what got me going was not a drink of any sort—–what actually helped me in its development and brainstorming is actually walking on The Greenway that originally inspired it. Especially the two main locations of that story- Graysloup and The Cattail Forest (well, that was the original name for Fairy Creek). I was able to start to visualize who and what was part of those locations.

    Plus—–good tip, on 1st draft, just write, don’t think about it. And if the characters start writing, let them.

    The crazy thing about my WIPS is that they seem to start on character names (not necessarily knowing their reasoning for being in the story). True, I might have an idea of the location (as in if it is a fantasy world or not)———only one I knew the exact name of the location (as in the WIP I kept in my head back in high school)

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      1. Tale of the Cattail Forest is the name of my main WIP (the one closest to publication)

        Here are it’s locations: obviously taking place in The Cattail Forest

        1. Fairy Creek
        2. Cattail Marsh
        3. Graysloup
        4. The Bog


  2. Well, I do like my cup of cha with my morning breakfast, so that the rest of the day can be as crazy as it wants to be. I do not need a cup of tea/coffee while I am writing though, taking sips in between would completely kill the flow no? But I do use the excuse of tea break to well, get a break from the desk

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