When you are part of a blogging community, every thing that others do entices you to try it out too. BlogchatterA2Z is one such thing.

Blogging everyday is an exciting concept, experimenting with your voice and post format even more so. And it’s a good thing to push your boundaries or perhaps do more of something to see where it leads to.

Participating in a strenuous blogging challenge where you write 26 posts in a month is my version of keeping up with the Joneses.

It’s ambitious of course, considering that I am blogging in fits and starts for a few years now. Let’s get back to my first love, I say to myself in my head.

And the hope is that regular blogging will be this cornerstone habit that will spill onto other aspects of my writing life. I often consider what would happen if I were to write more, write candidly, write of things that are unsaid and unexamined. A voice whispers back that it may be life itself – this putting into words what I need to hear the most.

This month, let’s try and get those words out.

This post is part of #BlogchatterA2Z.

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24 thoughts on “Of Ambitious Projects and Keeping up with the Joneses

  1. Looking forward to reading your posts. I am participating for the first time, and it’s challenging. I don’t even have drafts, just a few ideas. Let’s see if I manage to write a post every single day. All the best.

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