Title: Breads and Breakfast
Author: Shail Thosani
Genre: Food, Cookbook
Format: Ebook


Cooking a variety dish does not mean it has to be complicated and lengthy. The cookbook contains two sections, the first section is based on simple and easy to make recipes using breads (both brown and white) and the second section has very easy to make breakfast recipes. Each and every recipe has very simple and easy to follow steps and the outcome dish, be it using breads or from the breakfast section, all have very unique flavors.

About the Author

Shail is a homechef and loves to cook different dishes and also bakes cakes and breads. She is a lawyer by profession but that has never stopped her from pursuing her passion for cooking. You can subscribe to to her website https://alawyerskitchen.com and also follow her on instagram and Twitter under the name alawyerskitchen and also follow and like her page on facebook under the name alawyerskitchen.


Breads intrigue me; they are very versatile and fillings and toppings can make the world of a difference to the final dish. The same goes for breakfast recipes. With so many kinds from all cuisines, there’s a lot that can be done to experiment and to explore new flavours.

Shail’s book is a delightful mix of recipes with much-loved staples introduced to dishes made with bread.

I tried the Double Cheese Bread Pizza with delightful results. It was easy to bake and the final dish very professional looking. Finding Focaccia was a woah moment as I had been wanting to bake it at home.

The recipes are easy and simple to follow and can bolster the confidence of a wannabe cook. The pictures are enough to tempt you and also reassure that these are real food pics clicked by the author and hence doable. The ingredients required are easily available in our kitchens or in nearby stores.

Each recipe has a short introduction that explains the dish, how it can be served and what it can be paired with.

Mumbai street food flavours, classic breads, pizza with a twist, cheesy breads, vegetarian omelette like dishes, pancakes without eggs and pancakes with mixed veggies, different kinds of idlis and breakfasts using ragi, the range is quite delectable.


Simple and easy breakfast dishes or evening snacks, the book has a variety of recipes with very different flavours. A good book for beginners and those trying to add variety to their cooking.

This book is available for free download here.

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