Book Title: A2Z of Image Management
Author: Swati Mathur
Format: Ebook

A2Z of Image Management is a guide to understanding the impact physical appearance has on others and in garnering opportunities. It takes you through the subconscious signals your appearance and clothes give out and the way to manage these.

Before I started with the book I had the vague idea that ‘Clothes maketh a man’ but which clothes, what to wear when and how to have a wardrobe that serves my identity rather than it being the other way round was all unclear in my mind. I was guilty of thinking ‘appearance just happens’ but how wrong was I.

The blurb tells you that positive first impressions are important and perfectly doable. Presenting the right and authentic image is the way to personal and professional success. The table of contents lays out what to expect from the book beginning from everyday dressing to the zenith of fashion curve.

About the Author

Swati is a certified Image consultant, a trainer, employability and job coach, EQ coach and a Life coach. She believes in life-long learning and empowering the future generation with soft skills which are most critical in improving the probability of success.

Book Review

First up, the author explains what is image management and how can you create a brand by managing your appearance. This neatly lays out the premise of the book. It goes on to talk why clothes are a wearable art and how working on the styles, forms, texture, colour and accessories, you can express your authentic self leading to greater confidence and self-esteem.

As you read on, you learn to evaluate not only your body shape (with enough variations from the ideal, which is absolutely fine) but also the garment shape, the tints, tones and shades and elements of design. Swati reiterates that people ‘don’t have figure problems, but fitting problems’ which can easily be solved.

There’s a discussion on classic fits and pieces and trendy items and what should be the mix in a person’s wardrobe. There’s adequate talk about planning your wardrobe based on your needs which should be in harmony with your lifestyle and personal style.

How should we choose what to buy? What fits are good for a particular body type? Do accessories need to be chosen with regard to one’s face shape? You get the answers to these and more in the book. In addition, there are wardrobe strategies and skills needed for smart shopping that would be very helpful to the reader.

I was very struck by the fact that it is crucial to have a balance between similarity and variety to be able to create a brand.

Another thing I must point out is that this book is for both men and women. Usually, only women are perceived to take care of their appearance, clothes and makeup but image management is applicable to men as well.

The book is a good balance of presenting new concepts and information as well as making it practical enough for the reader to understand and apply. There are enough images to aid the flow and bring clarity.

The chapters are quite detailed, it is enjoyable to be learning something new and the penny drops when Swati puts forth examples of what is being explained.


A2Z of Image Management goes beyond self-help genre to introduce the concept of managing your appearance along with practical guidelines on creating the desired impact.

The book has been published as part of #BlogchatterEBook Carnival and is available for free download for a limited time.

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