It’s been my fortune that I have found lovely little books to read, back to back, thanks to #BlogchatterA2Z and my quest for books with titles having certain letters.

This is the third book after Some Days and The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse that has restored my spirits. I cannot help but smile and wonder at the beauty this world harbours, the kindness that resides in our hearts and the contentment that comes from sharing our good things and blessings.

The Blue Umbrells is a gem from Ruskin Bond and the reading of the book is special as it was recommended by a dear friend and seconded by my son who thinks this book is wonderful.

Two little children, called Binya and Bijju live in the mountains of Garhwal. They take out their cows to graze every day, Neelu and Gori – blue and white, who like to wander off, just like Binya likes to go in their pursuit.

Simple Binya falls in love with a pretty blue umbrella, that is in the possession of a town woman, come to picnic in the hills. She exchanges her leopard claw pendant with the umbrella she likes. And thus begins the story of an umbrella everyone likes and wants to have.

People covet it, someone tries to steal it, even the wind blows it away and out of reach but the umbrella always comes back to her.

What really happens is the emotion we wish the entire world to have. Unbounded love for others and sacrifices to make people happy.

The Blue Umbrella leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling. I longed to go back to the hills to experience the rains, the mist that coils and uncoils, rising from the valleys and the simplicity of people.

All this month, I am talking of books that made an impression on me, for #BlogchatterA2Z.


11 thoughts on “The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond

  1. I being a voracious reader used to read both of our English Literature textbooks cover to cover, even before the school year started. The Blue Umbrell was part of my sister’s textbook in grade 6 I think.
    The Blue Umbrella is the reason I fell in love with Ruskin Bond.

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    1. The Blue Umbrella is such a sweet little story. I read it now, in my adulthood. My son kept telling me how nice it is and we had a short sesion reading it together.


  2. Having read all his stories, working for ITC to promote Ruskin Bond books in the form of a competition, tried to meet him in Mussoorie where he stays, but sadly he was not well all of us had to come back with a heavy heart.

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