Illustrated books are a joy and when they give a peek into a child’s world, it is a mix of poignancy and wonder.

Some Days by Maria Wernicke is a short book. I flipped through just to get a feel of it and couldn’t stop myself gawking at the pictures and reading it in one go.

Why I loved reading this little book for little children that talks about the big emotions adults don’t talk about much?

For one, it’s sensitive. The choice of words show an empathy for the little girl in the book who talks about a passageway that’s perhaps just an expression of her emotions.

It’s gentle. Children need support and care and someone who listens to them. I felt like the little child in me was patted on the head, someone telling me it’s alright.

The pictures are lovely. There’s a splash of colour here and there. It’s not dreary but you can feel a sense of awe for the emotions of the little girl and you nearly tip-toe around so as not to startle her.

It’s a peek into a child’s world and also allows us the conviction that children everywhere are the same and the emotions we feel are universal.

Maria Wernicke’s book was published in Argentina and translated into English by Lawrence Schimel.

I am writing book reviews this month as part of #BlogchatterA2Z.


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