Title: Dylan’s Cozydoze

Author: Elsa Joseph

Genre: Children’s book

Dylan’s Cozydoze is a beautifully illustrated book of verse that tells an endearing story of a little boy and his blanket that he takes everywhere with him.


Dylan’s Cozydoze is meant for children under 5 years of age. Since the book is for children who cannot read independently, the book has a lot of illustrations that can tell the story stand-alone.

Reading it aloud, the book is very interesting as it is in verse, nothing very strict but enough to be pleasant to a young reader.

The story is very relatable to young children. Dylan, a little boy, has a blanket, rather a muslin cloth he is very attached to. He cannot sleep without it. So his parents take it along when they go to visit his Granny for the weekend. All goes well till it’s time for bed and they cannot find his Cozydoze. Tantrums and a hunt for the missing blanket ensues.

The story ends on a sweet note that would make all young readers happy.

It is a short read at 26 pages, with little verses and plenty of pictures, just enough length to keep the young audience engaged during daytime and bedtime.


Pick Dylan’s Cozydoze to delight your little one with a sweet tale and excellent pictures.

Which is your favourite book for children? What do you like best about it?

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2 thoughts on “Dylan’s Cozydoze by Elsa Joseph: Book Review

  1. Hi! Great to see you back! Hope all is well.
    This sounds like a cute story that many kids can relate to because of having a favorite blanket.
    I love so many different children’s books. Hard to pick a favorite. The Goving Tree comes to mind right now and Pooh Bear stories. Of course I may be biased in thinking the book that Colin and I wrote together, “The Odessa Chronicles”, the best children’s book. LOL! 🙂


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