I grew up reading the classics and it was only in my later teens that I discovered the wonderful world of contemporary literature. Further along my reading journey, I understood that the most popular and the widely read books are not the only excellent reads; there are plenty of little known books and authors who are just as good and often better.

I spent most of June reading new authors and their ebooks on my devices. I posted all the reviews on my blog (these days I seem to be writing only book reviews and I am making the most of this only-reading patch). I am summing up the books here, for readers to find them all in one place.

Go for them. They are varied genres and cater to different tastes. They are all part of the Blogchatter ebook Carnival 2018 and most are free to download. I am including the links to the reviews I have written. You would find the download links in the reviews. Here is a teaser list:

The first one on my list was an audiobook. This was my first ever and I was curious to know what my experience would be. Break Free the Leader Within by Ravish Mani is a clear and accessible approach to the qualities of leadership. It has good, useful content and is a pleasing auditory experience.

The Life Lived by Preeti Negi is a collection of true stories from the author’s life, arranged alphabetically through A-Z. These memories range from her childhood, spanning her adolescence, young adulthood and her recent past.

The Contemplation of a Joker by Manas Mukul is a collection of 12 tales, with the overarching theme of love and loss. It touches on the various facets in relationships, about the coming together and the moving apart.

Another is a book about the writing of a bookHow I Wrote my Comic Book: The Journey by Priyanka Vermani. It chronicles the journey of creating a graphic novel or a comic book, with limited resources but with limitless imagination and creativity. It talks about all the stages of creating the book, right from the conceptualisation to the finished book.

Blogchatter eBook Carnival Season 3

Eighty Hours to Save Karen by Sitharaam Jayakumar is a racy, engaging thriller that keeps the reader hooked and spooked till the last page. It was really a very satisfying read in terms of style, pacing and the plot.

The word lover that I am, I chose to read Peiskos by Reema D’souza. The book Peiskos is a collection of unusual and beautiful words with little stories woven around each word. These stories bring out the beauty of each experience that the word evokes.

I also picked up a mystery which turned out to be very exciting. Deal of Death by Sonia Chatterjee has an intricate plot and an unconventional detective solving this whodunit.

Murder in the Palace and Other Stories by Priya U Bajpai is a delightful collection of stories where world building and exquisite language go hand in hand. There are plenty of genres with a very wide variety of settings.

Blogchatter eBook Carnival Season 3

In the theology genre, I picked up Insta Gita by Nupur Maskara, a book with a difference. Insta Gita is a transcreation of the Bhagavad Gita, a poetic version of the verses in the scripture with the author’s added poetry, giving reactions from Arjuna’s perspective.

I wrapped up the readathon with an inspirational book, Dare to Dream by Huma Masood. Dare to Dream is a concise handbook that guides you through the big and small decisions to an effective and fulfilling life. The book helps you chart out your vision and goals and gives tips on managing the stumbling blocks that you encounter along the way.

Head over to these reviews and download the books that you like.

26 thoughts on “A Month of Reading Wonderful New Authors

      1. Near page 50. It is a mess for sure- I know I need to add new scenes in between things I already written. My maximum page limit is 200 pgs

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      2. In the first go, write everything that comes to your mind. Don’t worry about the correct sequence or the number of pages.

        You can always edit it all later. But first, get the story on the page.


      3. I learned this trick back in high school: my English teacher in 9th and 10th grade told me just to write papers, then edit.

        My story is coming along nicely. I love my three main morals: kindness, compassion, and forgiveness.

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      4. I wish someone had told me about this writing ‘trick’. I had to learn it by trial and error.

        Lovely morals! May your book come out beautifully!


      5. All Fairy Frogs are deeply compassionate, but Sparkle, my protagonist, takes it to an another level by befriending Marge. I am trying to show other moment where the other Fairy Frogs are compassionate towards other creatures. The compassion is where the kindness comes into play.

        Forgivness: at the beginning, these Fairy Frogs and Toads are seen to be enemies. Eventually all of them try to befriend these toads. Sparkle does befriend Marge after realizing how Marge’s uncle treats her. Also, will Marge ever forgive her Uncle?

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      6. The wings are translucent. The color is basically clear- there is a gold trim. There isn’t much of a color. White- I guess- translucent is what it is and all have this gold trim on the edge

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      7. I had to go to the paint store to figure out which spring green their skin was. It wasn’t just any Spring Green: not too bring: not too pastel: the fairy type of Spring Green

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      8. I am not illustrating the book. Illustrations will be in the book. The world that is in the book makes sense for illustrations especially in Fairy Creek- that is where the Frogs live. The entire Greenway is Cattail Forest.

        I used to call where the frogs live The Cattail Forest, but then I realized that didn’t sound right. So I changed it to Fairy Creek. So the entire Greenway where Graysloup and Fairy Creek are located is called The Cattail Forest.

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      9. After all, the Fairy Frogs are naturally artists. Fairy Creek is going to be very colorful with clear creeks. They sleep in treehouses. Trees connected by bridges. At the bottom of the trees small red mushrooms with white dots. The creeks are lined with painted pebbles that they painted and some are carved. In the creek are yellow flowers. So basically very magical and enchanting.

        But Graysloup- the creeks are not clear- very muddy. Big rocks, trenches and ditches. Lots of browns and grays. Have to sleep underneath a highway. Weather is very muggy and humid. So not a very appealing place.

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  1. You have very aptly summed up the joy of contemporary fiction. I am hooked onto this genre for this year. Sometimes I feel I might be judged for my choices. But then who cares, as long as I enjoy what I read. Sonia’s Deal Of Death is one of my favorites too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I absolutely don’t care about anyone judging me for my choice of books. I do read varied genres, switching between graphic novels and award winning fiction.

      Here’s to both of us having a wonderful reading year ahead.

      Thanks for the comment, Anupriya.


    1. Manpreet, you must check out the selection of books available on the Blogchatter site under the Blogchatter eBook Carnival 3. There is an abundance of excellent books there!


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