There are so many things on my idea board at any given time. (Now that sounds amazing! No writer’s block ever!) And yet some ideas and impressions slip away, if I don’t act on them soon enough. At the time the creative spark comes to me, it feels like the next best thing to hit the literary world but some time later, the spark turns to ideas that look like hollow shells, with nothing that can fill them up and out.

If that sounds familiar, here are a few things you could do to keep the inspiration to write healthy and strong.

1. Reinforce your mood

A single piece of writing can have a particular mood. A research based article would have you in a rational frame of mind while poetry might see you whimsical and emotional.

If you are writing a hilarious piece, keep the hilarity alive in your mood, otherwise you would lose your tone.

Recently, a friend writing a story about infidelity listened to music that had a theme of being unfaithful. It was to hang on to the feeling, till the time it was spent in words.

Evoking that mood through another media fires up your brain neurons and soon new insights come running in.

2. Connect to your deeper self

Your idea came from the depths of your feelings and your soul. Now go nourish that part of yourself so that you can strengthen it and make it yours and write it. Do things that ground you.

Know what keeps you grounded. It could be surrounded by the people you love or being alone in nature. You have to find what keeps your innermost self vibrant and receptive.

3. Rekindle the feeling

Why are you writing in the first place? Are there any quotes that inspire you? Or a location? That log cabin in the hills? A piece of music or painting that reeks of creativity and the joys of right expression? Connect with them. Immerse yourself in them so that you can find the validation of writing once again.

4. Tap your subconscious

Occupy one part of your brain so that the other part can create. The perfect ways to do it would be to go on a walk or listen to music. Gardening or knitting are other ways that keep the hands occupied and the mind free to muse on other things. Doing something routine and repetitive is known to soothe the nerves and to aid in problem solving or bringing up new ideas.

5. Reshape your muse into other forms

If you have a wonderful theme that you want to explore in your writing but are unable to express it fully, try another form of expression. Move from poetry to prose. Sketch your idea. Paint it. Scult it or maybe just use play dough. Compose a song. You would find newer ways of bringing forth your idea with plenty of insights into the nature of creativity.

To keep inspiration close to you, it is important to be in the right state of mind. The ideas are always there. Half formed. Half baked. Waiting to be picked and polished.

What are the ways you keep your ideas strong and kicking?


12 thoughts on “5 Things that keep your Writing Inspiration Strong

  1. Hi,
    Really good post, inspiring.
    It has given me a few things to think about, I usually get in the writing mood by listening to podcasts or youtube videos. Recently have been given a new breath of fresh air in regards to my writing, likely because I am restarting one of my favourite stories and can’t wait to finish it.
    Thank you for the post!

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    1. Thanks Ru, for your comment and your thoughts.

      I think it is important for us to know who or what would inspire us so that we can turn to those things when we need to.

      Yes. You are writing more, I am sure because even your blog posts have a different and enthusiastic tone.

      I hope you finish your story soon. What about nanowrimo this year?


  2. This is a lovely post, and it fills the mind with so many different ways to create and tap into the real reason we create art – whether it be writing, art, sculpture, or any other way of expression of what we hold inside. Thank you for this.

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  3. I so agree how you sum up the post,’To keep inspiration close to you, it is important to be in the right state of mind. The ideas are always there. Half formed. Half baked. Waiting to be picked and polished.’
    I am going to keep these lines, and your pointers, in mind for the time I am stuck under a writer’s block next time.

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    1. Mayuri, I am glad you like the pointers on keeping the Inspiration strong.

      Tell you what. I myself need to come back to these tips time and again. It’s not enough to know, it needs to be practised.


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