1. Manage your time well…for time is the essence lives are made of. Be sure about the things you want to spend your time on; once it slips away, there is no going back to retrieve it.

2. Think long term goals…because long term and tomorrows are what you are driving yourself to. Don’t sacrifice the future for instant gratification. Have a roadmap and keep coming back to it to see whether you are on track.

3. Say thanks, express gratitude…for the tomorrow stands on the foundation of a healthy, happy and confident today. Counting your blessings makes you see the wonderful life you have had and that you can continue to have. 

4. Cherish the ephemeral…because it would not last and because it is the nature of creation to bring forth beauty into lives, no matter how short. So, hold it and live it for the experience and the memories.

5. Connect…with the people who matter, because ‘no man is an island, complete in himself’. Reach out, be vulnerable and nurture the affinity you have with others.

6. Find out what makes you happy…and pursue it wholeheartedly so that you do not have to look back one day and regret the things you let go. Make yourself happy and stay happy. Remember that going after what you want is as satisfying as actually achieving the goal.

7. Resolve your problems using your subconscious…for the subconscious mind holds the solution to your problems. You know so much if only you ask your own self. Pose yourself questions and get down to deconstruct the fears that are holding you back.

What would you like to do to pave the way for a better tomorrow?

18 thoughts on “7 Things to do that your Tomorrow will Thank you for

  1. Wonderful post! How would I like to pave the way for a better tomorrow?
    Letting go of fears and worries that I can’t control anyway! and holding on to the love and laughter as I keep moving through this crazy thing called life!

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    1. The subconscious mind is at work even when we are not aware that it is. There are many ways to connect with your subconscious.

      An easy way that I use is to incubate the problem/issue and give it time. For that I define the problem in depth, from all angles and then stop working on it. I get the solution soon enough. It pops in my mind at the most unlikely time.

      If you need some concrete steps to work with, you could work out the problem in all details just before sleep. Look at it from all angles and write it down. In the morning, go for an uninterrupted session of writing about the problem or whatever comes to your mind. You are very likely to find a non traditional solution to the problem in hand.

      Try it. Good luck. And tell me how it worked for you.


  2. Honestly have no idea. Life is precious and we need to live in the moment and not in the future and need to know to handle stress. I guess learn to let go of worries. Have no clue at all

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  3. This is a great list. I’ve been focusing mostly on 1 and 2 lately, trying to manage my time well and make sure my work aligns with my long-term goals. It’s very much a work in progress, so I appreciate the reminder. πŸ™‚

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