Reading a lot of books is fun for me. I don’t belong to any book club, nor is there a reading group that meets and discusses books. I talk about the books I read, on my blog but not to show off, as in a social gathering. I don’t have book reading goals for the year or for the month. I read because I want to, because I love the activity. I don’t read to imbibe knowledge, though that is a side effect. I read because it is like breathing.

So, this listicle is dedicated to all my ‘breathing as in reading’ friends who know exactly what I am talking about when I talk of books.

A few things that I found out are:

1. It is possible to finish a thickish book in a few hours. The only thing is to do nothing else, stick to the book even through the daily chores. I personally don’t even look into my plate while eating, all my attention reserved only for my book.

2. Which reminds me of snacks that are a must for munching on for reading requires sustenance. Use only non oily, non dripy snacks that don’t spoil the pages of the books that you are reading. Oh yes, I still read the physical books as you all do.

3. Use the Pomodoro technique to up your productivity. It basically means to read for 25 minutes and look around the room/garden for 5 minutes to rest your eyes.

4. Reading borrowed books can be distracting especially when the owner has underlined a lot and put many notes in the margins. I remember reading a gem of a book but I could barely follow the story for I kept reading the notes and the various cryptic symbols that the book owner had put.

5. If there is a book you have not been able to read or feel reluctant to pick up, offer to lend it to your friend. It would be better if your friend takes up the offer for that would be the time that you would yearn to read that previously neglected book.

6. Dogeared pages and broken spines look attractive because it shows how much you love your books.

7. Bookshelves should have a magical quality of self expansion for the book piles grow exponentially with time.

8. No matter how many books you own and how much you regularly spend money on them; a bargain in a second hand book shop feels exhilarating.

Do share your books related snippets!


32 thoughts on “8 things that happen when you like to read a lot

  1. This summer has been a reading kind of summer it seems: I came home for summer break on May 12th. I started my first book for summer break on May 13th and just a couple days ago began my 7th book. About a week or two weeks ago, I began reorganizing my bookshelf. Genres are together sorted by author.

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      1. My reading speed honestly depends on which books I read. Over the summer, the books I read, some books have been easier than others and some have been much harder and my summer break started in May. I always read a classic each summer and Oliver Twist was very easy to read, which took two weeks and the next book, A Clearing in the Forest was so easy to read that it only took about three or five days to read. It just depends on the books I am reading

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      2. The other classics I have read have been Les Misรฉrables, Don Quixote, Tale of Two Cites, and Great Expectations. Then eventually in Christmas Break, will be reading Hunchback of Notre Dame. Next Summer, Nicholas Nickleby will be my choice of classic. I will be eventually read David Cooperfield. So yes, I do enjoy classics.

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      3. I have read Don Quixote, A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations and David Copperfield from your list.

        These days I am reading contemporary literature more and discovering many new voices and authors ๐Ÿ™‚

        Good luck with your reading. You have certainly planned ahead!


      4. Some of those were read based off of recommendation and some I choose to read all by myself.

        Of all the classic authors, It was Dickens I discovered first due to growing up on watching A Christmas Carol every Christmas. I discovered Victor Hugo and Miguel De Cervantes much later in life.

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      5. Queen of the Tearling. It took a while to know whether or not I liked the series or not. It is part of a series. I started to like the main character at a certain point like maybe the middle. Still, this entire book just seemed to set up for the other two books it seemed.

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      6. This is my fourth fantasy book I read all summer. A Clearing in the Forest, two Land or Stories books and Queen of the Tearling. I have loved Fantasy books since elementary school

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      7. I love exploring lands that doesn’t exist. Fantasy is a wonderful genre. I want the last Land of Stories 6 the only problem is that it is only hardcover and I have to write a while till it comes in paper cover: oh well: that is something I don’t like when I enjoy reading

        If I do write stories, I want to write about Fairy Frogs so my idea is fantasy, which takes place in the Cattail Forest, which is off to the side of a Greenway.

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      8. You Must start writing about the Fairy Frogs! Cattail forest, Greenway could become magical places. Write down the ideas as they come to you.


      9. Some notes have been written down already in word. I was inspired walking down on a Charlotte Greenway on a boardwalk and I looked to my left and I saw all of these Cattails and I thought of a Catttail Forest and just through seeing that, I thought of that idea

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      10. The Fairy Frogs: they are artists and their wings have a gold trim and are transparent and they are spring-green colored. They also are compassionate.

        The toads: they are rather ugly and have no talents. They are rather rude and are not that compassionate or clever. They treat the frogs unfairly. They are basically antagonists to the frogs

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      11. The characters are well thought out!

        From the description alone, I love the Fairy Frogs and am disdainful towards the Toads. It should be a good face off.

        Do you have a plot in mind?


      12. Just to keep in mind: this is a children’s series for now:

        Well, Aires is the leader of the frogs and he is a carpenter for and Sarge is the leader of the toads.

        Sparkle a tween frog (still trying to figure out ages) is a drawer frog and in the middle of a drawing, which is right past the toad’s home meets Marge and those two actually become friends. Sparkle and Marge actually know that is off limits, but they become friends anyways.

        Well, Sparkle learns from Marge why the toads are so hateful towards the frogs. The toads have always been jealous of the frogs. Well, the frogs learn of Sparkle’s friendship with Marge through Sparkle’s drawings.

        Eventually, Sparkle helps bring the frogs and the toads as friends. One thing they did is decorate peebles. Don’t forget the toads are under highway and we give Marge for. Sparkle and Marge brings them together. Sparkle does have a best friend named Misty and Marge the toad became a new best friend and she did learn that not all the toads are rude: for the most part, its usually all of the older toads.

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      13. Aww! I am completely sold on the lovely story.

        Sparkle and Marge seem to be a good pair.

        There is plenty of conflict and eye opening situations which could be developed to make it a lovable story for children.

        Maybe you could start it as a series on your blog.


      14. Misty-well she’s is a singer frog

        Felipe- a woodcarver frog and Darcy’s best friend

        Darcy- sculpture frog and Aires’ nephew

        Celeste- she’s a potter frog

        toads-obviously not developed as much right

        But names so far: Norg, Claude.

        So I have the names of these animals based off of who they are. They frogs are more enchanting and magical. The toad’s names are more unpleasant sounding.

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      15. Right! The frogs are very interesting with lovelier names. Since you have figured out what they do, I guess there would be many scenes featuring them and their craft.


      16. My dad has asked me how do you tell the frogs apart: now that is something I haven’t thought of before. I guess that is something I need to think of. I thought you could them apart through their talents. For Sparkle, she will always be carrying around a backpack with drawing supplies in it. Aires on the other hand will be wearing a carpenter hat, but because he is the leader of all the frogs his hat will be different than the other carpenter frogs.

        In the Cattail Forest, in the Grove of Trees in the middle, the Fairy Frogs live in treehouses and the trees are connected by bridges. The treehouses represent the frogs.

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      17. The treehouses and the connecting bridges do sound magical, fairy like.

        Another way one could tell the fairy frogs apart could be through their gold rimmed wings. Why not have a different tinge of colour on their transparent wings so that the frogs could be differentiated?


    1. This is a much overlooked and an important part of reading. Your reading spots are impressive and frankly, just knowing makes me want to go for another epic read.
      Which book kept you captivated through that 8 hr period?


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