One, know how to juggle the various writing projects that you have on your plate. Scheduling time for them on the basis of priority would be a good idea especially when you are tempted to pick and complete the easiest or the one dearest to your heart. 

Two, know that rotating the projects can be rejuvenating and keep you away from the writer’s block. You would always have something you can come back to and your writing muscles stay flexed. 

Three, know what helps you gain momentum when you are slacking on your projects. When it comes to writing, certain forms may be more conducive to making the push. For fiction, writing short stories could help you compress the process of writing a novella. Writing long form could help you clarify your thoughts for an informative article. Change the form you are writing in currently to kick start your creativity. 

Four, begin with the end in mind. Know what ways and where the writing would end up. You must be sure of the literary journals or publications your writing is targeting. This would keep you motivated and help you stay on course. 

Lastly, know when to step back. Writing can be fulfilling and it can also be tough. Taking a break could be the best way to recharge yourself. 

How do you manage your various writing assignments? I would love to know more ways. 


7 thoughts on “4 ways (and a bonus tip) to push ahead with your writing projects 

  1. I am tempted to stay with writing projects close to my heart. I really must learn to juggle my writing assignments. A helpful post. Thank you.

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  2. I suffer from occasional bouts of writer’s block, especially when I have to write a review of an entire album. While not necessarily a strategy, I find that if I step away from it for a day or two, but give the music another full listen, my thoughts begin to gel into a coherent narrative, and my words then flow more easily than if I had forced myself to continue struggling to write at the initial attempt.

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    1. Stepping away from writing a review and giving it time sounds like a very sensible thing to do. The music stays in your subconscious and when you come back to it, you know what you really think about it and can put it into words.

      ‘My thoughts begin to gel into a coherent narrative…’ I could not have put it better 🙂

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