Writing everyday or even regularly can be intimidating sometimes. We all mean to be prolific but can slip up even with the best intentions. 

Here are a few things to consider and to tighten up :
1. Where– Your writing spot

The place where you write can be the most important factor in helping you put in the mood for writing. 

I dream of having a sturdy wooden table, dark as walnut, sitting right next to the window, the sunlight streaming in. The garden outside would be verdant. The blooms would be fragrant and overpowering and the birds would be noisy. 

Yet, it is not always possible to have a dream setting like that. You may have to make do with the dining table and even the pillow on bed as a writing space when the need arises but a regular spot works best. Once you get there, your mind tells you that it is time to write and day dream and put the words on paper. 

2. When – The time of the Day

Writing at the same time every day works wonders. It helps to tell the Muse when you are  going to be creative so that she can turn up and look over your shoulder as you write. 

On a more logical note, the mind is trained to think of writing at that same time everyday and the words flow easy. 

3. What– Know what to write of beforehand.

There are days when the words I write are hurried, the curves of the letters less exaggerated, the i’s remain dotted and the t’s remain uncrossed. 

Then, there are days when I slip up and feel stuck. There are days when the words just don’t come and when the birds sound raucous rather than sweet and the curve of the letters are exaggerated. 

It helps to know what things inspire you and what things you love to write about. Always have a few topics handy for the days you cannot think of anything interesting to write of. 

4. Why– Remember the reasons you write. 

Think of the reasons you are here in the first place. Never let go of the sight of what writing gives you. It could be the joy of expression or just a vent to your feelings or the satisfaction of a creative pursuit. If it comes from within, you can do it well. And anything that you can do well is worth doing again and again. 

5. How – Ways to get better

The answer to how to do anything well comes from experimenting, making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. It comes from practice and  from the pursuit of the art and craft. Developing the writing muscle is a matter of doing it again and again, and at regular intervals. 

What are the ways that you adopt to write regularly? Do share. 

16 thoughts on “5 Things to Consider if You Want to Write Regularly 

  1. Thanks for sharing. I wish I could adhere to a strict time of writing… But it’s just not possible for now. Though, I love to write in the wee hours as that gives me the quiet I need to concentrate on my ideas. 🙂

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    1. Writing in the wee hours sounds sensible! I like to write late into the night for a distraction free session 😀

      You might not have a fixed time but you are very prolific! I wish I could be as disciplined…

      Thanks for the feedback!

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      1. You’re welcome. And thanks for your kind words. It’s not easy but like you stated, it takes discipline to stay the course. You write beautifully and I enjoy reading your posts. Cheers! 🙂

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  2. Ahh, this is an excellent list. Simple and doable tips. I have actually given up on the idea of writing everyday. I have realised that I, personally, cannot write everyday. It doesn’t work for me. But i do try to write often like, “I’d give myself a goal of writing atleast 4 times a week”.

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    1. I feel the things that I have outlined in the list are the most basic things that should be considered.

      But I like to consider these are guidelines and not strict rules that need to be adhered to. Different things work for different people and it helps that we know what is doable for us.

      I like your goal setting for regular writing. I think that is why you are prolific!


  3. Great points. Writing every day is possible but I can’t manage that for now because of other work assignments. Mostly I like to write early on the morning before I settle down to office work. Then I write on the go if an inspiration comes. At times I catch up late into the night. And then when words are not flowing I learn to leave writing alone until it flows again. Reading other bloggers post also helps me. This one helps: having a series post on a particular issue/idea to be posted weekly. It could be just twice a week.

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    1. Wonderful! It helps to know ourselves – our schedules, our priorities and what times and places work for us when we want to write.

      I think you have it all down pat. And yes, it is wise to take a break when the writing doesn’t come so easy.

      Just like you, I find reading a great mood booster; something that inspires me again.

      I would love to try the idea of doing a series post when I am stuck the next time.

      Thanks for your valuable suggestions and feedback 🙂


  4. How many is something that helps me, as in a word count to reach each day. Also having a laptop I love makes a huge difference. I never knew this but when I got a laptop just for writing because it made me smile, it was a joy to write on it.

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