Here are the compelling reasons that make me write. 

  1. There are a lot of emotions out there that are the undercurrent of human existence. We don’t explore them enough collectively. Writing is a way to nod and say yes, I feel that way too.
  2. Writing helps me to sort out things for myself. Conflict, despair, misery… I have been able to keep them from overwhelming me in difficult times.
  3. I want to be among the blessed ones, the hallowed ones, the ones who can create beauty and heartbreak through words alone. I have had writers do that to me and I want to emulate them.
  4. Writing gives me a sense of purpose. It is not my bread and butter. Not does it provide tangible benefits. But it gives me direction and happiness and a feeling that life is worth living.
  5. Writing is creating. It may not produce a sculpture. It would not produce a movie. My writing might not even produce a book. There might be blog posts or there might be overflowing journals. But the writing could be a personal experience for some. It might not win accolades but it might resonate with some minds and hearts.
  6. Writing is my way of self expression. It is a heartbeat encapsulated in words. I do not have to keep the unsaid within. In attempting to say what is a swirling mass of emotions in my heart, I say it to the paper for catharsis.
  7. Writing helps me find my way out of life’s conundrums. It helps me find my voice in the doubts and lights up my way through words.
  8. Writing helps me to celebrate the ephemeral and the transient. There are moments and emotions that are fleeting and yet so powerful, just like truth.
  9. Writing brings out the worlds in me, the ones populated by unlikely people, leading extraordinarily interesting lives. Through setting forth improbable combinations in the lives of these imaginary people, there is magic and reality all intermingled to make me feel like a Creator.
  10. Writing helps me explore my own narratives and my influences so that I can understand my viewpoint objectively, once it has been written down. I can choose to evolve my perspective.
  11. Writing helps me face my mortality. It makes me confront the transience of life and the little time I have been left with, in order to write all that I want to.

What are your reasons for writing? Do share. 

This listicle is part of Friday Listicles, a weekly feature that professes our love for anything that is presented in a numbered or bulleted form, paving the way for a happy weekend. 

23 thoughts on “11 Reasons I Write

  1. I really enjoyed your reasons for writing. Honestly I wish that I could express my need to write as you just did. I truly know that I must write and when I’m not writing it feels as there is a deep need to do it. I sometimes think it’s spiritual for me. It’s a feeling that I have something to say, but the only way it can be said is if it is written on paper.

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    1. Beautifully expressed, Charlene. I can connect with your need to write and I myself worship the written word.
      ” The only way it can be said is if it is written on paper…” so true! Spoken words may be false but written words are not πŸ™‚
      Thanks so much for reading and sharing your reasons for writing.


  2. I write because it is a way to store memories and a way to express yourself. Some of the reasons why I write are due to papers in college. I never fully thought about why I write

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    1. Indeed. Writing is a way to keep the memories alive, to air brush them and to paint them in vivid colours.
      It is a wonderful way of self expression.
      I am sure you can find a similarity in the beauty of a musical and that of a well written piece.
      Thanks for your thoughts, Meg πŸ™‚


      1. Musicals are an unique way of self expression. Song helps create the emotions of the piece and makes it easier to have an emotional connection

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      2. That’s so right, Meg! It is the music that creates the emotional connection and the lyrics help pour out the feelings in a way that others can relate to.
        Thanks so much for taking out the time to share your thoughts!


  3. I write to conjure a truth that feels whole and complete to me. There may be a sort of “masculine” half to writing. Nouns verb each other and you can see it happen. When a neck gets stepped on, everyone watching feels one way or another about it. There may be six eyes on that one event. A bystander feels differently than the person getting stepped on, or maybe the same. I wonder about what everyone felt and why. The “feminine” half of writing is how it all feels. I seek that wholeness of humanity.

    I resonate with all of your reasons for writing. Your first reminds me of my favorite quote:

    “Many people need desperately to receive this message: I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people do not care about them. You are not alone.” – Kurt Vonnegut

    Many of your other reasons point at things that Vonnegut did for me – as a Creator, he helped me to evolve my perspective. He saw real and bloody events that none of us want to see, and hopefully we can gain from how he felt about it. Writers have helped me to sort things out and find purpose. Only recently have I felt I could share certain things I have personally experienced. I hope for my own catharsis to help others feel they are not alone.

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    1. Thank you Chris, for writing in and putting forth with much clarity why you write.

      There is a truth that is in the universal consciousness. In writing and making things ‘whole’, you contribute to that cause.

      Saying that there are two sides to writing, masculine and feminine, feels so right to me. There is the way events happen and there are our perspectives. By weaving them together, you recreate that reality.

      And yes, Kurt Vonnegut inspired us all in telling us that we are not alone and that we are a part of the whole.

      I admire the way you write your posts about deeply personal events and your courage would inspire others to bare their souls.

      Thank you again for sharing the source of your inspiration and your favourite quote. I am grateful for your viewpoint.

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    1. Your reasons are good. I can identify with them!
      Maybe you would like to share how you discovered new possibilities through your writing. I would love to know!
      Thanks for the comment, Phoenix πŸ™‚

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  4. Terrific listicle. Writing is always a very personal thing for each one of us and to be able to list the reasons for that is great.
    Personally, I have found it to be therapeutic. Makes me feel good about life and myself, as you have mentioned here.
    Excellent post again. Keep them coming.

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    1. I agree with you when you say that writing is a very personal thing. It is difficult to scale the boundary between things that are meant to be said in public and the ones that are in the deep ends of our subconscious.
      When we go contrary to our urge and share our deepest thoughts and write to share the things that most touched our souls, it is then that we can connect most effectively.
      Thanks for the comment. Yes, writing is great therapy for all that life throws at us.

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