11 thoughts on “Making a Promise 

    1. Thanks so much! I need a lot of luck, focus, determination…
      I understand that our stories don’t finish at 50 k words. I myself need to add a few thousand words more.
      Do tell me what is your secret to writing consistently long after nanowrimo is done.
      Thanks for your wishes, Ru


      1. Hi
        After Nano mu secret is to have a 1 and a half month break from writing, all I have done since December 1st is read about writing or reading books in general. This has helped recharge my batteries, I should restart writing again in the next few day. Ideally by Saturday as that is the day I attend a writing group in my local area, next week I should be fully in the writing mood.
        The only Nano story I finished during NaNo was my first one, and that was only because I had written the first 50k beforehand.
        All the best

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      2. Thanks so much Ru, for your insight.
        I too have spent this time being away from my draft done in nanowrimo. I hope to start serious work on it soon.
        Good luck to you. I guess you would be starting tomorrow, it being a Saturday 🙂

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