Top Ten Things You Have Always Wondered About Listicles

…But did not know whom to ask. 

1. Do listicles present content in a short and snappy format? 

Snappy, yes. Easy to digest, yes. Fun, yes. Short? Not always. A listicle could be like this one, listing the top ten, which is not so time consuming or it could be ’99 ways your pet needs attention’. It does take a little longer to read 99 bulleted points. 

2. Are listicles… Umm… what is the word… distracting

The modern living is characterized by distractions in the form of multitasking and aimless surfing on the Internet. But listicles are feel good and fun and take into account that the average reader’s attention span is in seconds (How many? When? That is the topic of another listicle). The listicle has evolved as a direct result of these tendencies. 

3. Does the listicle sacrifice good content for more eyeballs? 

Not really. Just because it is capsulated information does not mean it can be any less effective than compelling arguements and a structured approach to the topic on hand. 

4. Is the listicle an art form

To answer this, let us ask ourselves some more telling questions. Is the listicle a form of short art? Is it at par with a haiku? Is it like a limerick with a decided structure and a lot of punch? Is it like a cartoon in the newspaper, tellingly commenting on the social change and the political milieu? Is it like a doodle? Isn’t a listicle akin to finding a gem from the rubble? 

5. What makes a listicle easy to read

The listicle needs to be succint. It must have a structure. And yes, it has a linear structure. It takes a mass of information and breaks it down into pieces. It presents those pieces, often with no regard to the increasing or decreasing significance of material presented. 

6. Can a listicle be akin to snacking

Yes, of course. It may not be the main meal and not as nutritious but important and tasty and fun. 

7. Do the listicles have a genre

The listicles are very versatile. They can be a take on the important with the downright silly; must know facts with totally irrelevant ones. 

8. Can a listicle be just words

It is perfectly alright to put together a list of the funniest cartoons or gifs. The only thing that matters is a central theme. 

9. Are the list posts better than the Why posts and the How to posts and videos? 

If you are targeting word nerds and information freaks and bored readers, then yes! 

10. Do the listicles offer extraneous information? 

As a rule, they should not but there are times when you want the listicle to list the top ten reasons for something and you can only come up with nine. Like now, like this one. 

Please add to the list to tell us what ways a listicle is attractive to you. Are there any listicles that you would want to read or write? 

This is the second in the series of ‘Friday Listicles‘, a weekly feature that professes our love for anything that is presented in a numbered or bulleted form, paving the way for a happy weekend. 



  1. You do love listicles, don’t you?
    These are some convincing arguments to convert even nonbelievers. For the record, I do like them myself. And so many ideas, whew!

    That last one was funny. I’ve seen listicles with that sort of points and it always brings a smile to my lips.
    Terrific post. Looking forward to the next installment. 😊



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