Ever since I started blogging, there are a few questions that I ask myself periodically. 

Why am I here? Who am I? Why do I blog? 

I am here in search of beauty. I am here to carve out sentences and memories from words and impressions. When I see a bend in the road, or think back to the desolate man by the road side, and remember the colours of the ice cream cones I once had; I want to turn them into tactile and sensual experiences so that I do not ever lose sight of them. 

I write because I also want to forget. I write to get rid of the demons, of the impressions and the words I have gathered in my mind for a long long time. 

I put them down on paper, color them and sometimes even embellish them. I live those experiences again, this time slowly and deeply, feeling all that I missed in the rush of that moment. It is like picking up a favourite book again. I turn the pages of that book, run my fingers on the spine, thinking back of times gone by. Between the pages I stumble upon words and scenes I had lived before and I delight in them anew. When I write, it is like reading the book of life again; I go through it again to lay the memories to rest – having lived them fully and now only to be visited when I want to. 

I have lived an ordinary life. But it is the awareness of bringing in my viewpoint to all that has happened or is happening that prompts me to take up my pen or stylus. 

I wtite / blog for a validation. That validation is from my self, for the ability to put down in words, my impressions, my dreams and my aspirations. The turn of the tide, the silence of the reflected moon in the still waters of the lake, the whisper of the fronds; they are all a part of me. The immeasurably deep valley and the deceptively shallow brook, the curve of the grassy knoll and the trees as tall as the neck can crane are what fill my mind. 

I write for self expression. I write because I have to ‘be’. I write for my creativity to manifest itself as words. I write in order that I be a writer. 

And I want to write with a method to the madness of putting words on paper. I want to write of those who have walked with me on my journeys. I want to write of the bits and pieces that make up the whole me. I want to write and be consumed by the worlds I create; I want to write of the longing that my soul has never felt. I want to touch the despair of misery and the crest of happiness. I want to write, create and then live that world. I want to escape in that make believe world for a moment. I want to step into others’ stories feeling that I am part of the whole. I want to feel being a part of the mankind. I want to find the similarities and the differences between myself and others. 

I want to write for meditation and spirituality. I want to reach out and understand the universality of the human experience. I do hope and pray that my reasons for writing change over time but my pace does not. 

I do this exercise time and again: of asking myself why is it that I write. What I say each time surprises my rational self and the changing replies assure me that I am growing. 

Please share your reasons for writing and blogging. Let’s start a conversation. 

23 thoughts on “On Writing

  1. This was so pure and uncluttered, straight from the heart. I guess most of us would nod positively at quite a few of the reasons you’ve mentioned here. It’s another matter that not everyone (including me) would be able to paint these pictures with words as beautifully as you have done. Sheer delight! Bravo!

    And may you keep writing and growing. Onwards and forward!

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    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment and the encouragement!
      Yes, it was written straight from the heart, without a pause to embellish or to rethink.
      I am glad that my reasons find a resonance in you.
      Thanks for the wishes!

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  2. I write because I am such a deep thinker. I write to express myself and create lasting memories. I write to discover more about my interests. I write to discover more of who I am. I write because it is the best way to express myself. I am a talented writer and that is the kind of art I am the best at.

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    1. Those are some very well articulated reasons for writing, Meg!
      Feeling deeply leads to the need to express and being talented one can do a wonderful job of it. And of course, in a way, it is a journey of self discovery.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and for your insight.


  3. I thought everyone wanted to write and that’s what everyone loved best…. into my 40s…. turns out I am wrong. Single minded one track obsessive blind and deaf….but in retrospect it’s funny.

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  4. Loved this post and love your reasoning behind writing.

    Writing allows me to connect to my deeper yet inner self. The pen allows me to take control, the words I chose to descend upon paper are in my control.
    I share because I love writing, I love words and I love poetry.
    It’s therapeutic, the best of times to write is when I’m sad as I notice I write more authentic, more true to what I pen.

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  5. This was brilliant.

    It’s good get an idea of why other writers do what they do. I’ve never given much thought to why I write to be honest, I used to think it was just because I liked making things up. Having had my head in the clouds most of my life imagining situations that will never happen, I just thought that was the kind of thing most people did.

    I’m going to have to give this some serious thought and get back to you I think.

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    1. I think you have articulated very well why you write!
      You are blessed to have a fertile imagination that just begs to be expressed.
      However, you must tell me what else do you think of the writing process.
      Thanks for your thoughts, Tom.


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