The Black Rock

Mad Libs at a party is fun but on a workday when you text people to suggest an article, an adjective and a noun; the common reaction is ‘huh?’ You then send them a screenshot of the Daily Post prompt, all the while reassuring them that no, this is not a personality test.

Your phone beeps and you get your three words, “The Black Rock”. Your mind races. Its easy, it shouts. You can write about that long ago trek to the mysterious waterfalls where all was moss green and slippery, the path to the falls narrow and treacherous and your lunch cold, which tasted colder when eaten sitting on a wet-from-spray rock. Of course, you took photos of each other, shivering partly from fright, casting nervous glances at your tourist guide who talked nonchalantly of the many deaths at this very spot. You can easily paint the green rocks black in your memory because when the sun does not penetrate the thick canopy of trees and when the day is about to end, it all does start looking black.

Unlike the truly black rocks and the blackened tinge of the waters where my dear-friend-who-so-kindly-suggested-the-title recently vacationed at and hey, this is how she got you the article, adjective and the noun, your memories are faded. You do remember the twill pattern of your long dress and the brownish footwear… why didn’t you buy proper walking shoes… but a search through the archival reaches of your desk drawer housing the ball of string, envelopes, paintings and old photos yields nothing, not even some dog eared novels.

There is nothing to annotate or illustrate the text of your post, so you think dreamily of your friend’s black nail paint that she adroitly paints on her fingertips. Over the years, she has extended that expertise to her eye make up, the photos of which you encounter ever so often on the social media. No, no, that does not give her a black eye effect so using them is out of question. Maybe you should just get some photos of black tyres with black rims for the post.

Daily Post Prompt: Turn to your coworkers, kids, Facebook friends, family- anyone who’s accessible and ask them to suggest an article, an adjective and a noun. There’s your post title!


15 thoughts on “The Black Rock

    1. Wow! That’s a lot of appreciation from you! Thanks so much for reading, as always.
      I guess you liked this piece because it was unexpected.
      I would like to extend the storytelling sessions to your kids, especially the elder one because she is going to be harder to please 🙂


      1. I suffered it as early as my second post (I know that doesn’t reflect too nicely on me :P). And my friend helped me with the idea and content for the post. So this effort of yours brought that back into mind for me. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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