Posted for Weekly Photo Challenge.


58 thoughts on “Ornate

    1. Hey!! Parul, you are in Bangalore! My favourite place!
      This Shiva temple is in Shimla where I live. Yes, the architecture is reminiscent of the South Indian style. In fact, when I clicked this, I was reminded of the awesome sculptures in Ramaiah college campus in Bangalore where I would go for my morning walk!

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      1. So good to know. So when I saw this picture, I wanted to know where cos to me this was South India 🙂 you should read my about me page. 😀 this year I will complete a decade in Bangalore. Good to meet you!!

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      1. Yes, kabhi reality me snow thik se dekha nahi 😀 I will let you know the dates, if possible we can meet up 😉 And you can show me that Shiv temple about which you posted because I am a follower of Shiv ji 😛

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