The little boy scampered through the puddles left by the rain that came on him suddenly. The tin roof of his shack by the dirt track had holes that let in the rain water. The coarse orange blanket he shared with his brother was soaking wet. He would get curses and kicks when Buddy got home from working the shift. He pulled the blanket out to spread and dry in the sun, dragging it and making it muddy.

The sky looked grey and the little boy sat outside on the edge of a large jagged stone, half buried in the dirt track. Momma had once cut her face on that, when Pa had pushed her out in a drunken rage. She was gone before long and the boys took to looking for food in the bins.

The sun was out now and it got warm. The little boy scraped the mud stains out of the blanket and flicked away the water droplets.

Word Count : 162. This is my submission for Priceless Joy’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge, where we are given a photo prompt and approximately 100-175 words with which to build our stories. The challenge is open to everyone who would like to participate.

Cross posted for Day 4 task of Writing 101.


24 thoughts on “Rain

  1. You must have observed poverty, hardship and suffering very closely to write a piece like this 🙂

    I am always amazed at the ability of writers to embed so much in so few words 🙂


    I have shared it on Twitter, FB and Google.

    I hope many people will enjoy this flash.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂


  2. Wonderful story Sona! It makes us realize there are a lot of people (and children) that live in poverty and have less than satisfactory living conditions. This little boy lives in fear of his Pa. Great story and thank you for participating in the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge!

    Liked by 1 person

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