How to say Goodbye in 5 ways; in 30 days

Bidding farewell is always hard, unless you are longing to move on from your present circumstances. Usually, the pull of ‘status quo’ is too strong and all we wish is to stay where we are, with people we are used to and with our routines that we have stuck to.

It has happened to me often that I have had to bid adieu to places. For all of my childhood and much of my adulthood, I have hopped from one place to another and in the process experienced a rich life of new experiences, different cultures and mind expanding circumstances. I am ready to move on, to adapt, to see the new, to view the different all because of my peripatetic existence.

Due to a quirk of fate, the past few years saw me settling down in one place. Although, I was always ready to leave, one foot in the door, always looking at what lay beyond. But the charms of the place I lived in started weaving its magic and as months went by, I wished more and more to stay on. In time, I almost put down roots. But life is nothing but a movement and the time has come for me to move on.

It is painful to go from this place that I have fallen deeply in love with. The clock is ticking and it shows a month. It is also important to say my goodbyes completely so that I can look back after a few years and remember only the good.

So, here are the things I wish I can do for peace.

One, say goodbye to people that have mattered. Deep and close relationships are the bedrock of a stable and fulfilling life. Even though the world is networked as never before and talking to someone is as easy as the push of the ‘call’ button on the phone, yet to cease sharing the most insignificant details of your life with someone and let the frequent belly laughs subside because you no longer go through the same days can feel bad. So, acknowledge that this is going to happen and that your relationship is going to change. Say thank you to all those who have shared your world. And pledge to stay in touch and have a deeper relationship that defies distance.

Two, say goodbye to the places as well. It may seem weird but we are as attached to the places we visit frequently. So, say goodbye to the parks you frequent, the restaurants you loved eating in, the theatres and the art galleries you have lingered in and the bends in the road that give you the first glimpse of your favourite landmark.

Three, take memories with you. Of course, you have been making memories all along. Now, just gather them in your camera, in your scrapbook and as souvenirs. For you and your new friends.

Four, plan to come back. Never say never. Life, with its unexpected twists and surprises may just bring you back. It has happened to me and with very pleasant results.

Five, stay Grateful. Say good bye and at the same time, stay grateful for the wonderful memories and the learning. You were meant to be here and you were meant to move on. It is all a part of the Universe’s grandiose plan for you.

I just wish that I am ready to let go with grace and love.


Journey On...



  1. Very beautiful advice.

    I cried like a baby when I had to say goodbye to my school where I studied for 10 years and more than people, it was for the place to which I had such deep attachment.

    I learnt better later on as I grew.

    I grew in gratitude too and still learning to be more grateful.

    I liked the last point the most and beautiful images.

    Thanks a lot.

    Anand 🙂

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  2. This is all so very true. I have said goodbye many times, and they haven’t always been with happy endings. I have strong attachments to places I love, that now hold unhappy memories. So I have decided to revisit these places, and rekindle my love and leave with the fond memories that my soul intended.

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  3. I, too, feel like I am on the cusp of another major move. I loved your second point about saying goodbye to the places. In our last move, we left an area in which we lived for twenty years. I learned the hard way about saying goodbye to places.

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    1. Staying in a place for twenty years makes it very very hard to move away. Indeed, saying farewell to the places we love brings a closure and makes it easier to embrace the change.
      Another major move for you? Good Luck and do share your learning from the process of saying goodbye.

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      1. Thank you! There’s still a poem in my heart from the last move. Maybe I will try to write that again. It may help with the emotional preparation for this farewell.


  4. Goodbyes have always been difficult for me especially when they are said to ones beloved people and places.Nevertheless, they always have given me a hope for the best.
    I liked your five point theory for peace. 🙂

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  5. Great post! Goodbyes really are painful, but this was a great way to send a positive light on them. Wishing the best for you! Sorry you have move, praying the next place can turn out wonderful and tho the heart aches with the goodbyes that you can find some joy to. I read something that I really liked, tho I can’t remember it exactly. But it said how I am so happy that saying Goodbye is so hard. Imagine how worse it would be to not have ties to not have anyone shed a tear that you are leaving. Hugs!

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  6. This was so helpful. I have dear friends (a married couple) who are leaving our community after nearly 50 years. She is full of adventure and thrilled to be going. He is grieving most painfully. As they both work at my school, the task of speaking at their farewell falls to me. I know better now what to say, thanks to your perspective in this piece. 🙂

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  7. Goodbyes are a hard thing to do but this post does break the process down quite rationally and effectively. And yes, it’s all part of the universe’s grand plans for each one of us.

    Beautiful post, yet again!

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  8. Very nice, thoughtful post. Like you, life choices have caused me to relocate many times in my life, and each time it was painful to have to say goodbye to dear friends. Some of those friendships have remained strong through the years, despite the long distances, however, some faded away over time. On the plus side, moving to other parts of California and the Country provided me with so many rich life experiences and also allowed me to make new friends. Plus, two incredible cats entered my life, for which I’ll always be grateful.

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    1. I always used to think that I am alone in relocating frequently and going through all those difficult decisions.
      Glad to know that I have not been alone and humbled to know that these have been others’ conundrum too.
      I know about friendships, how some are destined to be around for a long time and some others meant to be there for a short time only.
      Good to know that you have found better experiences and wonderful people once again!
      Thank you so much for dropping by and for your thoughts 🙂

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