23 thoughts on “On the Wall

      1. Public Art Installations are wonderful too! Wish I could experience that. I think they are important in engaging the public and lead to a sense of pride in our otherwise drab urban spaces.

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      2. Few years / months back there was this project in Chennai.. To have paintings all through the city in almost all public walls.. They depicted various things based on the locality and various traditional cultural things.. It was a wonderful project and that was the first thing that striked my mind reading your comment.. 🙂


      3. 😦

        It was so common and have crossed them while driving.. I was not into photography then..

        And out of blue, the art was white washed and felt terrible to have missed out the chance to photograph and the streets looked like stripped off completely.. 😦 😦 😦

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      4. White washed!? What a criminal waste of all the effort and stripping away the beauty!
        Yes, I understand your not photographing them because they were so much a part of the landscape.

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      5. Yeah right.. Criminal waste!!

        If you have seen the pics, you wouldn’t be using so mild language.. 😉

        They were so natural and beautiful!! 😦

        Happy to have at least seen them live.. -_-

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