14 thoughts on “Slant

    1. To get a different angle and to get some lines, it is acceptable to climb roofs. Good thing I didn’t break my neck doing that, otherwise you would have had one less entry for the Mundane Monday Challenge next week.
      Of course, the ‘S’ is allowed but only ‘an s’ not ‘a s’… 😉

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      1. Glad you didn’t break your neck during Mundane Monday photo pursuit 😉 Nice finding and Im honoured if you really did climb the rooftop only for this challenge!
        Oh yeah, an ‘s’. I remember 😉

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      2. I have been trying to capture roof tops for some days now. I tried different angles and viewpoints but nothing seemed good till Mundane Monday Challenge inspired me.
        And there was a convenient staircase right next to this slanting roof 🙂

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      3. Just a few months back, I could not understand why people chose to photograph people, places, things.
        But now, I am myself always looking for things to capture. I visit places again and again to see how something can be photographed differently. I am more aware of the changing light through the day. It really is rewarding.

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      4. Yes, that is true. I find myself more aware of my surroundings and the little beautiful things I would have passed by, otherwise 🙂


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