Humming a well remembered lyric
Reading a good book
A sweet dream
The murmur of a brook
Wind through the trees
A solution to a nagging problem
A phone call from a friend, I haven’t spoken to in some time
Cooking a yummy meal from scratch
Fitting into that old outfit
A light drizzle
Re reading a long forgotten letter
Coffee with the morning paper

13 thoughts on “Friday Listicles: 12 Things that make me Happy!

      1. Twelve things? In no particular order:

        1. My morning coffee before the sun rises.
        2. Coming home after a hard day’s work.
        3. Chinese food and a movie on a Saturday night.
        4. The smell of bread.
        5. When I’m in the middle of a great book, knowing that I’m only half way finished.
        6. Sleeping in on a Sunday morning.
        7. A cold beer on a hot day.
        8. When my writing comes together perfectly and it feels just right.
        9. An afternoon nap.
        10. Hearing a favorite song on the radio that I haven’t heard for years.
        11. A freshly mowed lawn.
        12. Hanging out with my wife, and being completely lazy.


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