Gustave Caillebotte's 1877 painting. Paris Street; Rainy Day

One of Gustave Caillebotte’s best known works, the 1877 oil painting, ‘Paris Street; Rainy Day’ depicts a road intersection. The arrangement of roads and buildings is such that it allows him to use a ‘two-point perspective‘.

A gaze at a landscape, a street, a crowded square can be meaningful if one uses different angles and perspectives. The same can be said about viewpoints. Just as a physical dimension can be looked at in varying manners, so can be done with situations and human relationships. A wealth of understanding lies therein.

Closer home, there is something comforting to me about a rainy day…and night. The steady pitter patter of rain is soothing, so is the cleaner, greener landscape. And afterwards, there is the promise of sun.

16 thoughts on “Point of View

      1. I hated the rain in England, it comes down sideways, straight in your face, and is so cold. In Bali, it’s torrential, but it comes straight down, so an umbrella actually works! Plus if you get wet, it’s warm rain. Which is so much nicer than the cold version!


      2. They can be for sure, the thunder is so loud, and the lightening right over our heads at times. We have the rain pretty well trained here though, it mostly rains at night when we are snuggled up in bed!


    1. Yes, thank you for the dream analysis. Just saw it and replied. In fact, the more I think of what you said, the more layers of meaning I can find in my dream.
      It was early morning here when you posted the comment, so I took time to manage morning chores before checking my beloved WordPress πŸ™‚

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      1. You are so welcome and I am glad you were able to identify with the things I said. I am sorry that you are in stressful situations right now, will keep you in my prayers and your friend to. Dreams have spoken to me so much, I love being able to help someone else! Feel free to share anytime!

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