Since childhood, I have read books, books and more books. Many a times, I am asked to talk about my favourite ones. Or put out a Must read list. Although everyone has a different experience while reading, based on their likes, leanings and perception of the world, there really are many books that appeal to a wide range of people. These are the classics. And then there are books that go on to become so popular that they have a cult following.

I like to talk about what I have read. I like to dissect and praise. And like most, I like sharing the ‘aha’ moments of the book. At different stages of my life, I have liked different genres. Some of the recent books I have read, I have talked about on my blog.

Here are three of my favourites. The common thread is that they had a visceral effect on me. I experienced a range of emotions that sometimes I could not fully express and they led me down new paths of thought.

Making a Mango Whistle

Bitter Fruit

The Sense of an Ending

Enjoy! I would love to hear of your favourite books!

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