Writer’s Block is a much talked about phenomena. I myself have wondered about it earlier. Apparently, there are different kinds of writer’s blocks. When I last searched the web for answers, I came upon an article listing ten (!) types of writer’s block. As I read on, I felt giddy but I was able to categorise my denseness and the block into recognisable excuses.

There are many reasons too, for the dreaded block. Some of the commonly cited ones (cited by me, not by an article by some know-all) are imbalanced yin and yang, decreased flow of energy, more receiving than giving.

And for the past couple of months, I have been suffering more from writer’s block than writer’s unblock (there, another word coined). But why? It could be that I have nothing to write about. Is that possible in the world of daily writing prompts, weekly prompts, photo prompts and numerous articles about a successful writing process? I have been exhorted to delve deep in my past and memories to write my life story and if that sounds too daunting, to just write a memoir.

What if then, a deep lethargy overcomes you, even the act of putting pen to paper seems indomitable? What if you do write a bit, then cross it out, write some more but the words seem all wrong? You find that the energy and passion is missing!

On the WordPress, I read about ‘seeding’ a prompt box. It seemed like a good idea. You put in a box, multiple slips of paper, written with words that trigger strong feelings in your mind. When you do not know what to write, pick up a slip and elaborate on that word. A readymade prompt!

Yet, in all this time of dark meanderings, I have found only a couple of things that work for me.

The first one is free writing exercises. This is precious. It may seem silly to be writing whatever comes to mind. But with time, the words flow easier and faster. There is no pressure to write perfect sentences or even meaningful ones. There is no thought of a structure or even making a point. So, it is just the ideas that flow and make ready a blueprint.

The other thing that works for me is regularity. Yes, the ‘butt in chair’ idea works well. And if done regularly, the writer’s block melts, as if it were ice in the heat of your ideas.

Writing is all about expression, of putting out whatever is in the mind and whatever has affected us deeply. And if at the same time, it touches the reader and he can recognise a part of himself in it, then that comes in the realm of good writing.


15 thoughts on “How the Muse deserts you…sometimes

  1. I really enjoyed this post, well written and thought-provoking. As someone who has experienced a stint of writer’s block these last few weeks, this Writing101 challenge has breathed new life in both my own writing and my desire to read what other people have been writing.

    Well written and thought provoking, keep it up!

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  2. I’ve gotten it too. When I got it, I forced myself to write without topic, just write..n write what came to my mind. After that, the ideas came easily. πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing it! I hope, everyone can say “goodbye” to writers block!

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  3. Isn’t it funny how some days we have nothing to say and other days we have so much to say but little time to put that all down. I have ideas for posts while I am at work or I am running, I come home and I feel like I have hit a wall and all the thoughts and ideas have just simply vanished.

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