Point of View

One of Gustave Caillebotte’s best known works, the 1877 oil painting, ‘Paris Street; Rainy Day’ depicts a road intersection. The arrangement of roads and buildings is such that it allows him to use a ‘two-point perspective‘. A gaze at a landscape, a street, a crowded square can be meaningful if one uses different angles and… Continue reading Point of View

Friday Listicles: Top 5 Literary Fixes

Being a voracious reader, I like to read book after book, with scarce a pause in between. I can be reading up to three different books at a time. When I am full of one, or overwhelmed with the thought thread in another, I only have to turn to yet another. Good books nourish the… Continue reading Friday Listicles: Top 5 Literary Fixes

My Recent Reads

Since childhood, I have read books, books and more books. Many a times, I am asked to talk about my favourite ones. Or put out a Must read list. Although everyone has a different experience while reading, based on their likes, leanings and perception of the world, there really are many books that appeal to… Continue reading My Recent Reads