Living in Shimla, the famous North Indian hill station, comes with challenges. Sure, we are living in the lap of nature, amongst majestic mountains. Yes, the weather is wonderful throughout the year. Of course, the pace of life is incredibly leisurely. And to get from one place to another, you must be ready to walk. (Read about more walks, here).

It is one of the highlights of my life here. Walking trails are incredibly interesting, and there are so many ways to get from one place to another. I mean so many paths, shortcuts and stairs. Everyday I choose a different path to get to the same place.

Recently, I visited the famous Kali Bari temple in Shimla. These were the Navratras, the nine day festival dedicated to the Goddess Durga and her various avatars. The temple is thronged by devotees all through the nine days. The approach to the temple is lined by small shops set up to cater to the need of the devotees to buy offerings-flowers, prasad, bangles etc.


The entire area resonated with religious hymns or bhajans. Being a part of the multitude was exhilarating for once.

Kali Bari Temple
Devoted to Lord Shiva

Prayers offered, I was free to explore the area, the previously unpassed roads (unpassed by me, that is), streets and trails.

The view around the Kali Bari Temple

Some paths were so steep that there were stairs alongside for help in walking.

Stairs or path-take your pick

I encountered beautiful British era architecture, some old buildings in disrepair and abandoned.


And then there were some houses, looking serene.

Old World Grandeur


The walk from the temple left me glad.

12 thoughts on “Everyday Adventures- II

    1. Yes, Shimla has changed a lot over the past few years and in many ways, for the worse. Yet, I feel blessed to be living here in the lap of nature. Thank you for reading and for the follow.

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  1. The house in the picture (serene house) is actually called “bantony” Its my ancestral house. belongs to my great grandfather… It was police headquarters for quite some time until recently.

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    1. Thank you so much, Ishita for reading this post and telling me that Bantony is your ancestral home.
      I cannot tell you how excited I am to hear this. Although, I have lived in Simla for some years now, I explored this area only recently. I was very fascinated by this serene looking house, now obviously not inhabited. I asked the people around as to the history of the house and yes, I got to know that it had been serving as the police headquarters.
      Later, when my daughter was doing her school project on the seven hills of Simla (like you, she studies in Tara Hall), I found out that it was the Bantony Castle. That only increased my fascination and whenever I visit the Kali Bari temple, I have to go and look at the house and I wonder about its past glory. I posted another picture of the house in a recent post.
      Have you spent your childhood here? You must be having very fond memories of the house. Are there plans to renovate and restore the castle?

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      1. You are indeed welcome it was a pleasure telling you 🙂 We must meet soon next time I am in Simla. Unfortunately, the castle was always a police headquarters since I have seen it. I used to walk from Kali bari and I rem mom telling me about it being so. I love that place and I think it has a lot of history attached to the town. I hope I can come to Simla soon again and maybe blog on it someday 🙂

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