I don’t understand love
It is highly regarded
Yet has been vilified
Love really frees the soul
But why are lovers persecuted?

Love should transcend all
Age, background, intellect and gender?
Love is peace and pleasure
But lovers are in shackles
Would I ever understand love?

I have been nominated by Umber to share my interpretation of Love ( in 10 lines of 4 words each). Okay, I bent the rules a little bit on that. I have been asked to share my favourite quote on love. Again, instead of a quote I am sharing my favourite painting that seems to sum up the word for me. I am also asked to invite 10 other bloggers to share Love in 10 lines of 4 words each. Also share your favourite quote on love.

Sohni Mahiwal- Painting by Sobha Singh

This painting (painted in the 1940s) by the renowned painter Sobha Singh (1901-1986) depicts the lovers Sohni and Mahiwal by the riverside. The iconic painting immortalised the most popular tragic romance in Punjab’s folklore.

As for nominating to carry on this love chain, here is an open invitation to my readers to share their views on love. Draw, write, paint, sing, share.

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