Taking my daughter to the dentist on a cold, rainy winter morning, I considered the chore a reality of life. Till we reached The Mall Road, pivot of the local population’s life and the most visited place by the tourists in the hill station of Shimla (summer capital of British India and now capital of Himachal Pradesh in India).

I was struck by the rarity of having very few people about and was able to capture the bare tree on the Ridge, right next to the famous Christ Church (not in the frame) and the State Library (to the right).

My Reward for being up and about early!


18 thoughts on “Reward

    1. Yes, you are so right. That day i actually clicked a lot of photos of the deserted streets.
      When are you coming to India next? And don’t forget to get some strong coffee 🙂 maybe you can convert us…


    1. This picture was taken in the famous hill station, Shimla, in North India. If your friend’s itinerary allows, they would love this place. It was the capital of British India and the remnants of colonialism can still be seen in the architecture.


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